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My favorite headphones


Pros: Planar Magnetics for your ears! Wonderful natural sound!

Cons: Adjusment Block

I just thought that I would add to the review list.  I really like these headphones a lot.  They are my favorite of the headphones I own or have heard so far.  Particularly I love the natural sound that they give, this is the best that I have heard from a headphone yet.  When paired with a slightly lush, and dynamic amp this provides me optimal listening pleasure.  Others have written up more thorough reviews so I'll keep mine short and sweet, I love these headphones and I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to own a bright phone.

Apex Peak with Volcano Power Supply


Pros: Just about everything

Cons: Chassis, is the only thing I could complain about.

I actually decided to buy the Apex Peak/Volcano, I do not regret purchasing this amplifier even though a loaner program was available for sometime, although I don't know if it was still going on when I bought the amp.   For headphones I have the Audez'e LCD-2 and Ultrasone Edition 10.  I only used the ED10 very briefly as I actually prefer the sound of the LCD-2 to the ED10s.  So now that is out of the way, I am using a Q-Audio headphone cable, Yulong D100, and Onkyo ND-S1.  I didn't even bother with using the stock tube the amplifier came with as I have a pretty strong NOS collection of 6SN7s.  I ran the amplifier with a Marconi Osram B65 for about 50 hours...
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