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Pros: soundstage, portablility, drivability, braided cables

  my choice of music is mainly melodic metalcore and hardstyle, and hell was i ever attuned to the boomy kind of earphones (i was ready to put my wallet out for a pair of IE8s)   so far i got it only 3 weeks ago and upon taking it out, it sounded (IMO) lacking in bass and a little tinny. but within the 2nd week, it really did CLICK for me as mentioned by a fellow head fier - it sounds so downright immersive, with the studio like recording soundstage, as i you are jamming with the band; as if you could feel their presence. now when i have understood (or would people usually say, brain break in,) i loved my SM3s.    no more crying babies for it...
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Head-Fi.org › LRY32 › Reviews by LRY32