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A fun, high quality earphone


Pros: easy to power, comfortable, seem durable.

Cons: too bassy for me, but probably not for most people.

I was contacted by Brainwavz to review their new S5 in ear monitor. The set I received was a full retail package, but was provided to me by the manufacturer free of charge for review purposes. I received the package a few days later, listened to it for an hour or two that night, then let it burn in for just over 200 hours with a few quick listens within those 200 hours. After 200 hours of burn in I've listened to them a bit and feel I'm ready to give them a review.   I will start this review by saying that my sound preference is leaning towards a neutral and detailed sound. I use to like lots of bass as a kid, and as a teenager, then in my mid 20's starting slowly favoring a more...
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Head-Fi.org › jasonb › Reviews by jasonb