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More relaxing than audiophile


Pros: comfort, can be used for long periods of time, warm sounding, isolation

Cons: price depenable

If you are a serious audiophile then these arent for you. Goods :   very very comfortable a very relaxing sound very well presented looks (iphone cable/detachable cable)    6.  very good for travel, easy to drive. ISOLATION   Cons:   expensive (but varies) can get hot on your ears case a bit large (but is very nice) can get scratched. THAT GOD **** TREBLE ( improved .... look at the edit.)     When i first listened to these cans i thought they were not worth it. But after long periods of time and travel then i find these to shine in a place of their own. Their sound is subtle and not...
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Head-Fi.org › DevilGin › Reviews by DevilGin