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Moster Copper Pro+Cowon+Fiio


Pros: These are the richest sound performance earphones from a long list of eraphones I had

Cons: None

I am listing some of the earphones that I have bought. Koss, Sony, SoundMagic-30. Last one I bought was the Monster Turbine Pro Copper. After I gave it a burnin test for about 40 hours, I tried to listin to some of my favoutite music that I have heard from the other headphones. Since I was always a HiFi enthusiast, I was really amased with the sharp detail, extended dynamic range and the most important the separation of the instruments. I am using tha following: Cowon S9 32GB + Fiio E5 head amp + the Moster headphones. This combination gives me one of the richest sount experence that I have heard. My Hifi system consists of Yamaha NS1000(Berillium Tweeter and mid-range) Yamaha M4...
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Head-Fi.org › GSUSTECH › Reviews by GSUSTECH