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Just wonderful


Pros: Listen to the music, not the IEMs

Cons: Case is not pocketable

My 1st Customs.  I've owned, Coppers, Golds, Shure 530s, IE8s (2 sets), among others stuff.  All of the universals I've owned were a hobby.  I would play with tips, I would mess with the EQ, I would listen to different IEMs based on the music.   Not bass heavy, but also not bass light.  It makes whatever bass is on the recording.   Now that I own these, I don't use anything else.  I never even think about them.  The music is just pure joy.  I can't recommend these more highly.  They are one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Oddly enough, I think at $1000, they are a better value than my universals at $300.   ...
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Head-Fi.org › joesuburb › Reviews by joesuburb