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Great value portables


Pros: Balanced sound, great typical Sennheiser mids, good bass, great treble presence while staying smooth, stylish, comfortable

Cons: Flimsy cable, they don't extend very well

At the price you can get these, they are very worth well the price. Typical Sennheiser sound that don't disappoint. Within their respective range they do everything well but they don't extend that far.   Cable is weak and otherwise the design is good.   Highly recommended.

A portable DT880


Pros: Ridiculous price value, fantastic treble, mids, and acceptable bass for an armature

Cons: Wire and construction are average

For $150 one has the prerogative to purchase a literally portable DT880.   They sound eerily similar and just the DT880 only being a hair better.   The DBA's have fantastic treble with the mids barely straying away from neutral. Bass extends well but of course is tight as a typical armature drive.   Not for bassheads and highly recommended.

Treble masters


Pros: One of the best treble performing headphones, extremely comfortable, very well build

Cons: Bass is not enough for a bass head

I'm reviewing the 2005 edition 250ohm version.   As I said about how good it is in the pros and the weaknesses in the con is all I can say about the headphone.   Soundstage is great which make these fantastic for gaming. The rest sound of the sound (mids/bass) are neutral and are done well.   Great headphone if you really care about treble.

One of the best under $100


Pros: Fantastic clarity, treble and detail. Tasteful colored mids. Great build and comfort.

Cons: Weak bass

The AD700 are one of the best under $100. Especially if you really don't care about bass.   All is said about how good the headphone is, is in the PROS section but the bass really just kill this headphone. Even for non-bassheads, the bass can be considered somewhat weak.   However this headphone also has a fantastic soundstage which would make it for gaming. Many users on head-fi use this with a boom mic mod and is a much cheaper and much better solution than many headsets.   Overall a great sounding headphone.

Supreme balance/neutrality


Pros: Fantastic mids, good bass for armature, amazing balance

Cons: Cable could be a bit thicker

Anyone looking for a highly balanced, highly detailed sound look no further. The CK90 pro is a great IEM and is unfortunate it doesn't receive as much recognition as it should.   The best part of it's smooth sound, is it's lush mids; on par with great mid names such as Sennheiser and Shure. The bass is good for an armature driver. It has great presence and impact, but it lacks the definition that a dynamic driver has. The treble is smooth and non-fatuiging. Highly detailed when you do the foam mod. Overall you get an extremely balanced IEM that does every great especially the mids.   These are also very comfortable, and the isolation is better than most IEM's. Build...
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Shure SE115


Pros: Great isolation, sturdy construction, decent bass

Cons: Mids and highs are average; warm bass seems to carry this IEM through

The Shure SE115 is a decent choice in the $70-80 range but no more. Great isolation, very sturdy wires and the ability to add accessories is one of the staples of all Shure models.   This model features warm bass smooth mids but a roll off in the high end so clarity might be a bit of an issue.   However at $80 you can surely find a better sounding IEM such as the HiFiMan RE0.  
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