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Mediocre at list price


Pros: Comfort, bass

Cons: Poor mids, sometimes too much bass, crackle

I should disclose that I purchased these headphones for $15, and for that price I recommend that anyone snatch them up as a back up, or workout phones. However, not sure that I would purchase them for $60 or even $40. These headphones really struggle with mids, and sometimes the bass is flat-out overpowering. I like to test out my headphones by listening to Pinback, as their music is a good representation of the aural spectrum. I found that the bass (which under normal circumstances should be almost an afterthought in a Pinback song; I have heard the drums in their songs described as "percussive breathing") took over the rest of the song. Isolation on the CX300s is a mixed bag. I use...
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Head-Fi.org › nickvalluri › Reviews by nickvalluri