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One of the best universals, but not without flaws


Pros: Among the most refined and detailed universal IEMs

Cons: Subpar clarity, obtrusive mids, missing forward projection

I've had the SM3 as a loner pair for several weeks, here's the summary of my impressions:   Pros: - Very refined sound reproduction - Bass has top quality and just the right quantity for me - Extremely detailed and attractive mids - Almost equally good highs that never get too sharp - Very realistic timbre for a balanced armature based phone - Large Soundstage - Excellent separation - Decent isolation - Very good cable   Cons: - Forward / in-your-face mids can be fatiguing with some music and/or prolonged listening - Not among the best in clarity, highs are slightly recessed - Only minimal forward projection of soundstage ("surround effect") -...
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Head-Fi.org › james444 › Reviews by james444