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A good achievement and almost a great one


Pros: Amazing Bass quality, great instument separation, lightning fast, and good response throughout the frequency range

Cons: The upper mid peak spoilt it for me

Ortofon EQ8 review, with some comparison to the Ortofon EQ7 and EQ5   Ortofon have now released a follow up to the very successful EQ7 from 2009 and the EQ5 in 2010.       [IMG ALT=""]http://www.head-fi.org/content/type/61/id/1114662/width/350/height/700[/IMG]   EQ8   The Ortofon E-Q8, Are they any good and how do they compare to the EQ5 and and the EQ7? Who am I to judge anyway? Well we will get to the former later, the latter you can judge for yourself, but to help I'll tell you a little about my history with Iems and how I like to use then. I listen to all types of music from classical and opera to metal, indie and pop. I always listen directly...
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Head-Fi.org › youngsm10 › Reviews by youngsm10