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Reviews by: Richard Devine

Amazing, I love these IEM's the best by UE yet


Pros: Very clean, Clear, transparant sound, better improved high end response. Great detail

Cons: Had some fit issues, had to send them back twice, but now good

I had owned the UE-10's before this for about 3 years. So upgrading to these was a huge improvement in my opinion. Very nice full sound, with improved frequency response from 20 Hz to 18,000 Hz. Bass is much more present on these but not too overly stated. Gorgeous build quality. Very happy with these In ear monitors, I also own the JH-16's and still love listening to these all the time on the go.

JH Audio JH 16, Amazing IEM, with good bass response


Pros: tight controlled bass response, smaller flaceplate over the UE IEMs

Cons: the fit wasn't quite right on both of my IEM, had to send back

Nice full range frequency response IEM's, the best I have heard. I play out DJing and doing  live performances, and also do lots of field recording. They are much smaller in size in comparison to my UE-18's (Ultimate Ears). They do have a slightly different sound signature compared to the UE-18's and UE-10's. The sound though isn't hugely different then the UE series IEM's. I found the sound only slightly different we are only talking very slight differences. I had some issues with my fit not working out the first round, but overall I am very happy with these IEM's.  
Head-Fi.org › Richard Devine › Reviews by Richard Devine