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Sweet/Solid sounding, solid/sweet purchase


Pros: incredible costumer support and service, sound, synergy, battery life

Cons: no crossfeed switch, usb charging circuit nor bass controls

For quite some time that I wanted to get a portable amp that could make the sound more lively, with low noise and still be able to pump enough juice to some more power hungry cans, and PA2V2 definitely suited me.   The amp was used with different gear, so I could check it was a good purchase (aside from all raving reviews) and I couldn't be happier. I listened through Philips SHP1900, SHP2000, Technics RP-F290, Pioneer SE-H33, Audio Technica M40fs, A&H XD-53 and some Numark HF125, plugged to a few computer onboard chipsets, an external Creative X-Fi, Echo Audiofire 2 and NI Audio 2 DJ. The first thing I noticed was an issue many people had, scratching and hissing while...
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Head-Fi.org › Roller › Reviews by Roller