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The best ipod solution


Pros: Beautiful design, beautiful sound

Cons: Same price might get you higher SQ if portability is not a concern

First of all shouldn't these be classified as on-ear headphones?   Second, I defy the previous reviewer to say where the "cheap plastic" was located on these headphones.  These are great sounding headphones.  Their competition in terms of portability and sound basically comes down to the Sen HD25s, which are slightly ridiculous looking DJ headphones.  Perhaps when beyer releases their portable, there will be competition in the market, until then, B&W owns their segment.    Edit: I've heard that phiaton have some offerings in this segment as well, so perhaps try both and see what you prefer.   You will not find a bad review of these outside of head fi.  There's either...
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Head-Fi.org › fella › Reviews by fella