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From Full Sized to IEM's

*note:wrote this on my notepad 2 weeks prior to the given purchase date*   I finished burning it more than 100+ hours now with white/pink noise and then some music. I used the noise app on my iPhone to produce the white/pink (if you want to know the app , it's called simplynoise. it generates white/pink/brown noises as you please) when I was about to sleep then used music when I was on the go.   Well on to the IEM's,,,   First impression on the package is it's a little too small (see pictures below). It comes with a red tin can that has the Ortofon text on it and spare ear tips (1 small silicone , 1 med silicone , 1 large all silicone) which are pretty...
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Head-Fi.org › ValSic › Reviews by ValSic