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Great Bass silly cheap but still made well for under $40 very good value


Pros: Great Bass

Cons: picky Audiophiles that hate EQs and would never turn the Bass up for purity reasons need not apply

For the price these are great when you want some boom and volume they really do well when pushed by decent Amplification .   I have found lately a lot of enjoyment buying much cheaper Headphones and finding good value and this pair fits the bill

i am amazed


Pros: price /heavy Bass /comfort

Cons: because of the $25 price tag it makes me feel embarrassed that i like them so much

I original bought most of my Headphones from Pioneer and Sansui back in the 70s and other than buying a few lightweight headphones and earbuds i was still satisfied but then i kept reading about the Audio Technica ATH-M50s and decided to buy them then i got some very soft earpads and although it made live performances sound great they leaked so much it now defeated the reason i have headphones which is so my wife would not be bothered.   then i saw the review of these on here and thought what the heck i will give them a shot.   they sound many times better than their price and bring real impact from my Adcom Stack without scaring the neighbors with my complete home system...
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ive had them all and this was a purchase just because i needed a low profile sound card and am pleasantly suprised


Pros: Sound Quality y and price $29.99

Cons: none yet

the ASUS Xonar DSX  was one of those things i picked mainly because i needed a low profile card that had digital out and was 7.1 . i have not swapped out the Opamp yet because it sounds pretty good.   I have had pretty much every audio card made since the late 90s and this will not compete with the $500 cards but for $29.99 from new egg ebay store it outperforms many of the mid priced cards i have had

okay i admit .......its not just hype these are great


Pros: price ,build qualty, and incredible sound

Cons: no removeable cord

I have passed on buying these because i generally do not play follow the leader well,so I was bidding on a set of Sennheiser HD 598s and was outbid at the last minute but wanted something new so after searching ebay i made an offer on a like new pair of ATH-M50s.   I should have gotten these years ago because they do everything well ,I have headphones that are better in certain aspects but none this well rounded



Pros: well designed,great sound,superior build quality

Cons: none so far

this is a great device at a a great price . if you want to drive your headphones from your pc or portable device you can not do better unless you pay triple the price .   I have not owned the E17 but it should be equally good value .
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