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Reviews by: turbomustang84

okay i admit .......its not just hype these are great


Pros: price ,build qualty, and incredible sound

Cons: no removeable cord

I have passed on buying these because i generally do not play follow the leader well,so I was bidding on a set of Sennheiser HD 598s and was outbid at the last minute but wanted something new so after searching ebay i made an offer on a like new pair of ATH-M50s.   I should have gotten these years ago because they do everything well ,I have headphones that are better in certain aspects but none this well rounded



Pros: well designed,great sound,superior build quality

Cons: none so far

this is a great device at a a great price . if you want to drive your headphones from your pc or portable device you can not do better unless you pay triple the price .   I have not owned the E17 but it should be equally good value .
Head-Fi.org › turbomustang84 › Reviews by turbomustang84