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Shure KSE1500, a revolutionary approach in its class


Pros: Transparent, zero-fatigue, EQ friendly

Cons: Cost, all or nothing approach due to the system dedicated amp,

1 Introduction Shure arguably is the only brand that is well known amongst the professional consumers as well as the audio enthusiast for well over a decade and it is for a good reason. To me Shure really begun to be known to the so called audiophile world with the release of SE846, some might argue that honor is bestowed upon SE530 and SE535 but to me SE846 marked the era that Shure should be proud of, the era where Shure tried to do things differently. While the rest of the market focus remains on increasing driver numbers in order to in large improve bass/midrange Shure focused on how to do the same thing arguably with more coherence without increasing the driver numbers and they...
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Head-Fi.org › audionewbi › Reviews by audionewbi