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Decent Entry Level speakers


Pros: Cheap? Lots of bass?

Cons: Sloppy & boomy bass, muddy midrange, absent highs (no tweeters!), poor channel balance, high THD

I had high expectations for these speakers, based on their glowing user reviews. The Z-2300 is an exceptionally popular set amongst PC enthusiasts, even today (6 years since their release!). Unfortunately, Logitech designed these speakers for maximum profit. They're a step or two above your average set of PC speakers, but certainly nothing special. In fact, the predecessor to the Z-2300's (Google "Logitech Z-2200") was a beefier system, with larger satellites and generally higher sound quality. Logitech wisely realized that the average consumer would still be impressed with a bit less, so they released the inferior Z-2300. I purchased the Z-2300's not long after Z-2200's were...
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Head-Fi.org › jseaber › Reviews by jseaber