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The electron microscope of iems


Pros: Extreme technical capabilities

Cons: Timbre and character

I won't write too much about this because there's much that has already been said about it. I've had this for a long time so the new toy syndrome has worn off, and boredom has set in. However recently I've been appreciating its sound more, and decided to share some thoughts. If you like detail, speed, sparkle and great microphonics, then this is your iem. It is a specialised tool that enables you to comb through any track for deficiencies if you want. This comes with a downside though, and it may bother some people. The timbre is not suitable for every genre, sounding unnatural and sometimes clinical.   This is perhaps the best earphone for trance and other forms of...
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Head-Fi.org › Trysaeder › Reviews by Trysaeder