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That polite school kid who gets all A's, doesn't throw any surprises, and who your mom trusts you with. But sometimes, you want to let loose.


Pros: That bass (warm and round, it's a massage to my inner ear), detailed, no edges, technically fantastic, relaxing

Cons: Where have the mids/treble gone? No edges, polite, not exciting

Contrary to my intentions of reviewing these when I first got them (similar to my other reviews), I was forced to wait 2 months from their date of arrival. I've found this to be ideal, as it kept me from writing before getting to know the headphones first, especially since I was coming from a longtime close friendship with the RE0s. Here goes...   Context 2013-10-23 – Initial unboxing and first listen For the next week, casual listening, walking through city streets, metro, bus lines, in home. No music for 1.5 months (bricked source) One week ago, started listening to these headphones and then brought the RE0s back out.   Equipment Apple iPod Touch 3rd Generation...
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Head-Fi.org › LebCa › Reviews by LebCa