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Audio Technica ATH-ESW9A: My First Serious Cans


Pros: Quality of Materials, Construction, Caliber of Sound Reproduction, Looks

Cons: None so far

Hello Fellow Head-Fi'ers,   I've gotten my pair of Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A's delivered today, and not only am I a changed man by the experience of donning my highest quality pair of cans auditioned; I'm now an A-T man for good.   I first thought they were pretty good looking. Pretty DARN GOOD LOOKING. But what is style over substance?    Fortunately I had my experience with the Victor HP-FX500's to teach me the virtue of Woodie Headphones. Also how fabulous they could be.   Originally I'd intended to get the EARSUIT ATH-ES10 Titaniums. They're supposed to have more HOLY BASS. Much more than the EARSUIT Le Luxe ATH-ESW9A... about TWICE as much.   HOWEVER, being on a...
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Head-Fi.org › AnAnalogSpirit › Reviews by AnAnalogSpirit