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Pretty good comfortable portables


Pros: comfortable, stylish, decent detail, strong bass

Cons: flimsy, strong bass

Initial impressions were in-line with the other reviews on the forums: dark, overbearing bass. I immediately performed the astroid-mod (removing the black foam center from the pads) and also opened them up and lined the grills with tin-foil based on another mod I found on this forum. Wow! The sound cleaned up immediately with the highs and mids coming through clearer, although they still weren't where they should be, so I left them playing pink noise and sine sweeps overnight for a few days. These don't need an amp, but the bass does tighten up and the mids come out stronger when connecting them to a FiiO e5. These sound surprisingly good for jazz and classical, but feel a little slow...
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Head-Fi.org › Madpierrot › Reviews by Madpierrot