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Asus keep nailing down their audiophile offering with a flagship


Pros: Very natural sounding DAC with a built-in balanced headamp to top it off

Cons: Pricey

Hey guys, so I recently had the opportunity to try the E3 and I thought a review would be in good order as it seems rather clear that Asus are really nailing down the needs of the audiophile niche market with a product that would appear to have gone through quite a lot of thoughts.   First thing first, it shares the same 70's look as the STU but this picture found on google makes obvious that the E3 isn't just a STU with better chips:     Same design but the comparison stops here   Here goes for what's in the box:     It's good to see that there's a remote control(which is luxury in the audiophile DAC market), XLR to mini-XLR adapters(more on...
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Head-Fi.org › leeperry › Reviews by leeperry