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Best cans for semi-audiophiles who love pop music!


Pros: Unbeatable sound.

Cons: Extremely flimsy design.

Do you listen to hip-hop, techno, etc. and other popular music of today?  Are you frustrated with the lack of clarity/details across the board and the ridiculously loose and undefined bass in those "made-for-bass" cans (e.g. Skullcandy)?  Are you equally frustrated with the shockingly lack of bass(especially if you don't use a dedicated amp) and the unbearably sibilant sound of those "high-end" cans that audiophiles seem to love (e.g. Sony V6)?  Well, at least sound-wise, the RP-22X is exactly what the doctor ordered.   As far as sound quality vs. price goes, this pair is practically unbeatable for those who demand great sound and listens...
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Head-Fi.org › dingyibvs › Reviews by dingyibvs