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Below today’s standard


Pros: Sound is not terrible, CTIA plug (on the microphone version)

Cons: Flimsy cable that tangles easily, overpriced compared to other earphones

I bought this in 2012-06, when my Brainwavz M2 broke. It was given a Sonic Diamond by ClieOS for the pre-order price and 4.2 / 5 for the sound quality, so I expected quite a bit.   Unfortunately, the cables are nowhere near as good as those used on the M2. The build quality of the speakers seems quite okay, though.   Compared to the M2, the bass is considerably weaker, but the higher frequencies are more detailed, albeit not much. It wasn’t the upgrade I had expected, more an eqivalent exchange where I sacrificed bass for clarity.   So why do I only give them 1.5 stars? Answer: Sony MH1. I received them today, and without any burn-in at all, they sound vastly superior...
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Head-Fi.org › Kadano › Reviews by Kadano