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The unfortunately disappointing Sony Z7. I wanted to like these headphones so much but it just wasn't meant to be

After reading about Sony’s flagship headphone, I knew I had to try it out. My first pair of $100 headphones was the Sony MDR-V600 and I loved them. I have a history with Sony products. My first Sony purchases were the Sony walkman and discman. I’m not sure I would consider myself a Sony “fanboy” but I have owned many of their products and appreciate their quality. After a little trip to Amazon.com, I had Sony’s flagship headphone on it’s way to my house. The packaging was nice on these even though it was only cardboard. I would have liked a sturdy case/pouch included for travel purposes. There are two different cables included, one with your standard 1/4 inch headphone jack and...
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Head-Fi.org › Byrnie › Reviews by Byrnie