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Gotham City

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About Me:

Audio addict

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

+ Watch movies
+ Photography
+ Kill the Batman (just kidding)
+ Kids
+ Gals (oops, wife)

What I do for a living:

IT, Financial, Business, whataver ...

Headphone Inventory

AKG: K501, K702 (Austria)
Audeze: LCD-2 rev. 1 w/ 8 cores Norse Audio cable
Audio Technica: ATH-AD2000, ATH-AD700
Fostex T50RP (stock)
Sennheiser HD800, HD600, HD650 (white silk, new version), IE8, CX300
Shure SE530
Sony SA3000, MA900
Philips SHL3000
Stax SR-207 w/ SRM-252
Grado SR60
Koss ESP950, PortaPro
Westone UM3X

Beyer DTX 501p (bought by father in law)
Denon AH-C350K
Westone UM1

Abyss ab-1266. Nice treble, wide soundstage but a little flat not as 3d as hd800. Paddin is not as fit to my face, but otherwise quite comfortable)

AKG 701, 702, K1000 (awesome airiness, but little too bass light, poor bass extension, poor depth and instrument layering)

Audio Technica:
ESW9, ESW10, ESW11JPN (very warm and boomy bass, skewed timbre, piano sounds fatty),
CK10, CK100 (very nice, full, airy vocal, nice, sparkling treble, very tight bass),
AD900, AD1000, M50 (too bassy), A2000X (harsh), ATH-W3000ANV (rather thin, upper mid emphasize and harsh), ATH-AD1000x (very nice, very close to AD2000 full, meaty mids, smooth, airy treble), ATH-AD900x (close to AD900 signature, upper mid emphasize, obviously a bit thin, liquid mids).
Pro700MkII, very nice, forward full mids, smooth extended not piercing treble, nice solid, tight bass! almost like close version of AD2000.

Audeze LCD-2 Rev. 2 (mid rather too far and thinner than r1), LCD-3 (a little tiring signature vs r1)

Beyer DT880 (600 ohms), T1 (excellent depth! but very sharp outlined treble. I like drawing music with 0.2 mm pen. Soundstage much smaller than hd800, quite much warmer than hd800. Example, violin, I can hear the only tip of the note clearly, with hd800, I can hear the body and the tip as well)
T50p, very nice smooth, airy treble, quite forward vocal with adequate body, lean, never boomy bass, thinking to buy this one.

Denon D5000, D7000, D7100 (absolutely too bassy for me), D600

Final Audio FI-BA-SS

Fostex th900 (nice treble and bass extension, fun, dynamic, depth, detail is good. But vocal is a little far, or recess), Th600 (frequency extension is not as extended as 900, vocal is more forward, but a little grainier than 900)

Grado SR80, PS-1, PS1000 (heavy (too much) bass, heavy headband like it's gonna crush my skull, GS1000i, RS1, 325i, PS500 (less coloration in the midrange, but Grado signature's still there). I prefer rs-1 and gs-1000.

Hifiman HE-500 (very nice dynamic, sharp, punchy bass, nice forward, smooth mids, very nice high, great instrument separation sparkle, (but HD800 have better instrument texture), nice depth). Might consider buying this one day.

Jays Q-Jays and some other Jays

JH 10, 13, 16

JVC DX1000

Koss ESP-950 (Very nice mid, well textured bass. Soundstage is wide but not too deep)

Magnepan 1.7 (speaker, grainy, bass light)

Monster Trumpet

Phonak Audeo PFE 232 (thick, smooth silky non grainy midrange and clean extended non-fatiguing high. Timbre is excellent, does not sound off at all. Soundstage is okay. Tonality is excellent)

Rudistor IMD-3, Chroma md2 (very light, very comfortable, airy, non fatiguing treble, wiidddee soundstage, gorgeous midrange)

Sennheiser HD25-II, HD595, HD600, HD800 (very very nice for clasical but sound thin with normal music), HE60, HD700 (warmer than HD800)

Shure 840, 440, 1840 (light signature, light bass, quite nice mids, quite nice high, sparkling treble, very open sound signature)

Sony R10 (bass light version, awesome mids, but too bass light and too EXPENSIVE), Z1000 (tiring wongky mids,
typical Sony), EX1000
XBA-3 (quite nice vocal)
XBA-4 (a little too much bass, grainy vocal and treble)
MDR 1R (very nice bass), MA300 (very comfortable and nice balance sound)

Stax SR-007 MK2 (with SRM-007tII), 2020, SR-207 (with SRM-007tII), SR-009 (very fast, very detail, relax, little bass light), SR-507 (treble not as smooth as SR-009 but more forward and more bass impact)

UE TF10, UE11, UE200, UE900 (quite nice mids but a bit grainy, timbre sounds quite off (boxy), high is not so extended but smooth type)

Ultrasone Edition 8, 9, 10 (yuck!)

Unique Melody Miracle

Westone UM2, ES3X, W3, W4 (very nice mids and treble, but a little bass light)

Headphone Amp Inventory

Leben CS-300XS (Sovtek EL84, GE 5751)
Feliks Audio Elise
Project Ember w/ Supercharger.
Schiit Vali
Lehmann BCL, no USB
Ray Samuel P-51 Mustang
Stax SRM-252

Gone but not forgotten:
Graham Slee Solo w/ PSU1-24

Darkvoice DV337
(Driver tube: 6SJ7, 6SJ7GT, 5693)
(Power tube: RCA 6AS7G; =C= 6AS7G; T-S 5998; T-S, GE, Telefunken 6080)

Audinst HUD-MX1
Audio GD Phoenix
Bottlehead Crack w/o Speedball
Centrance DACmini CX
Corda Meier Concerto, Stepdance
Earmax Standard
Graham Slee Novo Solo Ultra Linear
iBasso D4, D10, PB1, P4
iQube V1, V2
Lavry DA10, DA11
Maverick D1
RSA Tomahawk, Hornet, Predator, The Shadow, SR-71, Apache, Dark Star
Rudistor RPX-33, RP3-d, NX-33 (on SE mode), RPX-38 (very nice smooth , liquid, dynamic sound, but built quality is a problem. Volume pot shaky, the other amp has intermitten line in connection issue, other amp the volume pot fall off)
Sennheiser HDVD800
SPL Auditor, Phonitor
Stello HP100
Yamamoto HA-02
etc etc etc

Source Inventory

Audio Gd Ref 7.1 DSP v5
Cowon D2 16GB
iPod Classic 120 GB
iPod Shuffle
Panasonic DMR-E95H

Yamaha DVD-S80 (dead)

Burson DA-160 DAC
Calyx 24/192, Eximus DP1
Resonessence Labs Invicta (2 weeks home loan)
Schiit Bifrost
Weiss DAC2
etc etc etc ...

Cable Inventory

Acrolink 6N-A2110II
BigOnNoise Singularity
Belden (DIY)

Van Den Hull - The Well Hybrid
DH Labs - Revelation

Power-Related Components


Music Preferences

Anything, mostly vocal jazz

Dianna Krall
Katy Perry
Emi Fujita
Faith Hill: This Kiss; The way you love me
Jack Johnson
John Pizzarelli
Norah Jones
Linkin Park
Black Eyed Peas

Interests (non-headphone)


Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Nikorr 50mm/1.4G
Nikorr 85mm/1.8D
Nikon F90x
Nikon D70
Gitzo Tripod (Explorer)

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