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Headphone Inventory

✦ Each section is ordered by subjective sound quality ✦

┗■┓ Current IEMs
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━
• Zero Audio ZH-DX200-CT Carbo Tenore
pros: comfort, light-weight, (almost**) neutral sound, doesn't cost much.
cons: gentle cable (very thin), not as isolating as others, **elevated bass.

┗■┓ Current Dynamic full size Headphones
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
• Audio Technica AD900X - best all rounder, somewhat forgiving, excellent vocals
• Audio Technica AD700x - en route

┗■┓ Past Headphones
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━
• Sennheiser HD800
The BEST dynamic headphone in the world. period... will miss those for sure.
Pros: imaging, instrument separation, sound-stage, shines with classical-music.
expensive comfort (best in class).
Cons: very amp picky, bright/harsh with low bit-rate recordings.
was an overkill for my taste.

• Beyerdynamic T1
a true side-grade to the DT880
Pros: more detailed, bigger sound-stage. more bass.
Cons: sometimes too much bass, and too bright.

• Sennheiser HD700
pros: almost an HD800, but with much less treble harshness, and better bass
cons: almost V shaped FR, bad for vocals.

• Shure SRH1840
pros: comfort, doesn't require amp. very good sounding headphone.
cons: price/performance ratio - it's SQ is somewhere between the DT880 and the K701.

• Beyerdynamic DT880 250R
pros: excellent center, very focused vocals
cons: still an analytical headphone, which can be harsh sometimes

• Audio Technica W5000
pros: somewhat mid oriented, great vocals
cons: bass, closed, small soundstage.

• Sennheiser HD600
pros: romantic mids.
cons: annoying mid-bass bump

• AKG Q701
pros: same as the K701/702, but with better bass quantity
cons: treble is fatiguing after some time at high volumes, even though it's a soft one

• Shure SRH940
pros: detail-monster, analytic
cons: bass-shy, really uncomfortable

• Mayflower Electronics T50RP v2
pros: flat, neutral FR curve
cons: analytical to the end - very thin note, too cold

• AKG K701/K702
pros: specious and refined sound, bigger than average. soundstage
cons: bass-shy

• Sony MDR-MA900
pros: relaxed and non offensive treble, comfortable for hours
cons: lulls you to sleep, no air in the highs

• Audio Technica ATH-AD900

• Hifiman HE-400
pros: deep and engaging bass
cons: recessed mids/vocals

• MrSpeakers Mad Dogs

• Audio Technica AD500X
Excellent for TV, very forgiving, big sound-stage, and very nice bass.

• AKG K240s

• SoundMagic HP100

• Sennhsier HD25-1 II
pros: nice sound and extremely durable
cons: uncomfortable

• Shure 840
pros: same as the 440 model, but with more bass
cons: the mid-bass bump is not for everyone , uncomfortable

• Shure 440
pros: excellent starter audiophile headphone, extreme clarity (treble-head kinda)
cons: bass-shy and uncomfortable

• Audio Technica ATH-AD700
• Audio Technica TAD500
• Koss KSC75 (heavily modded.)
• Sennheiser HD439
• Sennheiser PX100
• Sennheiser HD238
• Sennheiser PX200-II

• Grado SR225i - similar to the SR80i, being a bit better in all areas

• Grado SR80i
pros: energetic, nicely colored sound
cons: ear fatigue after some time, heavy, huge cable, heating the ears, uncomfortable after a while

• Panasonic RP-HTX7
pros: very good amount of bass, without bleed into the mids
cons: I can't find cons for the price paid

• Koss KSC75
pros: nice mids, nice bass, comfy
cons: not much treble-air, but for the price paid it's perfect

• Superlux HD668B

• Fostex TH-7B
• Superlux HD330
• AKG K181DJ

┗■┓ Past IEMs , Earbuds , Clip-ons
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
• Etymotic ER4(S) w/Comply P-foams
pros: extremely neutral, very accurate tone. extreme detailing.
cons: sometimes harsh treble / too analytic. not good for mainstream recordings.

• HiFiMAN RE-272
• Etymotic ER4P
• Sennheiser IE80
• Westone 4
• Vsonic GR07 mkII
• HiFiMAN RE-400
• HiFiMAN RE-262
• Shure SE315
• VSonic VSD1
• Vsonic GR06
• Yuin G1A
• Yuin G2A
• Yuin G2
• VSonic VC02
• MEElectronics A161P
• Sennheiser CX95
• Sennheiser CX300-II
• Sennheiser MX980
• Yuin PK1

Headphone Amp Inventory

┗■┓ Current Desktop Amplifiers
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
• Meier Audio CORDA PC-Step

┗■┓ Current Portable Amplifiers
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
• Meier Audio CORDA PC-Step

┗■┓ Past Amplifiers (all types)
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━
• Violectric HPA V200 (tube-like sound)
• Lovely Cube (excellent for the money it cost)
• Schiit Vali
• Audio-GD NFB12
• ALO Audio - "The Island" (great with HD800), sadly - not as good as balanced.
• Aune T1 - unreliable, too many problems reported.
• Meir-Audio 2StepDance - excellent, neutral with a a bit added warmth
• Leckerton UHA-6s-mk-II - very good, only 2nd to the 2Stepdance
• iBasso PB1
• E01 upgraded version - was extremely good the the DT880
• Audiotrak DR.DAC2 DX
• ODAC/Objective2 combo. - good, but the treble is not so refined
• JDS-Labs C5
• cMoy v2.03 - excellent for the price! a clear upgrade over Fiio's
• Bravo v2 tube amp. w/12AU7 tube
• C&C BH
• Fiio E11
• Fiio E10
• Fiio E17
• Fiio E07K
• Fiio E7
• Fiio E5
• Fiio E6
• Fiio E3

Source Inventory

┗■┓ Current Sources
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━
• Meier Audio CORDA PC-Step
• Sandisk Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed)
• iPhone 4

┗■┓ Past Sources
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━
• Schiit Modi
• Audiotrak DR. DAC2 DX
• AudioQuest - DragonFly
• Leckerton UHA-6s-mk-II
• ALO Audio - "The Island"
• Stoner Accoustics UD110v2
• Audio-GD NFB 12
• Stoner Acoustics UD100
• HifiMeDiy Sabre USB DAC
• Aune T1
• ColorFly C3
• Fiio Taishan-D03K
• Fiio E10
• Fiio E17
• Fiio E07K
• Fiio E7

Music Preferences

Dream-Pop / Nu-Gaze / Indie / Alternative

New-Age / Ambient / New-wave / Avant-Garde / Celtic / Neo-Classical / Trip-hop

Renaissance / Baroque / Romantic

and ofc. a tiny bit of everything else...

Interests (non-headphone)


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