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in the tropics...

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Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

golf; sports; photography; guitars; hiking; cooking

What I do for a living:

evolutionary biologist

Headphone Inventory

grado sr60 (L-pads, recabled w/mogami)
ultimate buds (iphone/er6i hybrid)
livewires custom iem
denon d7000 (stock, balanced)
senn HD800 (stock and balanced DIY BTG cable)
grado sr225 woodied (Lignum vitae cups and DIY mogami cable, TTVJ flat pads, 1/8" viablue plug)
fostex th900 (cable shortened and terminated with oyaide 1/4" plug)

past (in no particular order):
hifiman HE-500 (DIY mogami balanced and SE cables)
etymotic er4p/s
westone UM2
sennheiser momentum
grado rs1 (balanced)
grado hf1
grado sr200
grado sr325
grado sr80
grado hf2 (#27, balanced)
koss ksc75
sennheiser hd280
ath w5000
ath w100
ath esw9
koss ksc75
koa darth beyers
akg k1000
akg k701
akg k601
akg k501 (balanced)
mr speakers alpha dog (balanced)
b&w p5
ue triple.fi 10
etymotic er6i

Headphone Amp Inventory

asl wave 8W monoblocks, connected to Robinette headphone adapter box (DIY)
geek pulse X on order (w/amp and femto clock upgrade)
geek out 720 on order
iFi micro iDSD (coming in july)

diy millet hybrid maxed (boutique)
diy millet hybrid mini max (boutique)
yulong A28
yamamoto ha-02
headamp gs-x
headamp gs-1
headamp pico
rsa sr71
go vibe v.3
larocco signature
rwa signature 30
perreaux sxh1
ci audio vhp-1
meier corda headfive
MAD ear+ HD
RSA hornet
supermini IV
lite dac-ah
iFi nano iDSD

Source Inventory

intel imac; mmf 5.1; TCC TC-760LC phono; technics PCDP; kenwood minidisc player/recorder; geek pulse X on order; a few apple airport expresses and appleTVs;

rotel 855
stello da100
opus dac
aos piccolo
alien dac
gamma 1 dac
CEC cd-3300
zhaolu d2.5 dac
iFi nano iDSD

Cable Inventory

headphile coax, rca; heartland rca; glass toslink; grado extension cable; grado mini-1/4" adapter; balanced->1/4" adapter w/grado hf2 cable/plug; custom XLR interconnects (canare star quad, neutrik); outlaw rca; custom balanced->1/8" adapter; custom balanced -> 1/4" adapter; custom headphone extension cable

HD800 cable using BTG cable, litz braid, 4-pin neutrik XLR;
HE-500 cable using mogami, 4-pin neutrik XLR;

Power-Related Components

monster ht1000 power conditioner
iFi iUSB

Other Audio Equipment

audioengine a2 desktop monitors; wharfedale 8.2/8.1;

Music Preferences

jazz; hawaiian; j-pop; vocal jazz; theatre/musicals; 80s rock/pop; 70s acoustic; alternative; classical

Interests (non-headphone)

motorcycles; cycling; golf; tennis; (almost all sports); good food; travel

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

behmor coffee roaster;
baratza virtuoso w grinder (replaced a mazzer mini);
able coffee kone drip coffee system, limited edition red;

olympus omd em5 micro 4/3 camera;
- olympus 12-40mm f2.8
- olympus 75mm 1.8
- panasonic 20mm f1.8 mk.ii
- olympus 40-150mm f3.5-5.6

goodall acoustic guitar - concert jumbo, mahogany/spruce/ebony
felt f65 road bike

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