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RURAL New York State

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About Me:

Filipino/American from family of nine children. Enjoy practicing and studying Roman Catholicism.

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Mariology, Traditional Latin Mass, Patrology, Catholic Apologetics, Poetry.

What I do for a living:

Assistant Professor of Mathematics at a two-year college

Headphone Inventory

Headphones/Earphones/Earbuds PAST:
Sennheiser HD580,600,650;RAL/HD580,600,650;Cardas, Headphile/HD600
HD214,MX500, MX450
Beyerdynamic DT880/2003 (YAY!),DT880/2005(BOO!)
Audio Technica ATH-A900LTD
Ultrasone HFI-2200 ULE, Proline 750,2500,RAL/Proline 750, 2500
Grado SR-60,80,225,325i; Alessandro MS-2
AKG K501,APS V2/K501,K701,Moon SDV2 K701,RAL/K701,K340 (w/screen mod and velvet pads)
Denon AH-D2000
Etymotic ER-4S (two iterations)
Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5Pro
K240 sextett
Denon AH-D5000
DT880/2003 (2nd iteration)
Tesla T1
Ultrasone Proline 750 (3rd iteration)
ZXAC UP-OCC "Impact" re-cabled DT880/600
Audeze LCD-2, Rev. 2
Enigma UP-OCC Silver re-cabled AKG K501
ZXAC UP-OCC re-cabled Ultrasone PRO 2500
Ultrasone PRO 2900
Denon AH-D7000
Sennheiser HD-201
Recabled Audio Technica ATH-AD700
HifiMAN HE-500
KEF M500
HifiMAN HE-6 (HeadphoneLounge SilverRay Balanced cable)
TEAC incore ZE-1000
Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium/600
Ultrasone HFI-780 with open cell foam disc mod
Beyerdynamic DT770/600 ohm
KingSound H-3 w/M-10 amp [defective]
Sennheiser HD700
AKG K812

Headphones PRESENT:
Martin Logan Mikros 90: (1) Stock #2 pair, (2) bhazard's Stock pair (3) LorsBASS-mod and (4) SPACEY-mod (w/Pipeline, Auvio and Teds Headfood UPOCC silver and copper SE cables)
Yamaha MT220
Koss ESP-950
Oppo PM-1
Stax SR-407 w/SR-507 earpads
KingSound H-03/M-20

Headphone Amp Inventory

Headphone amps PAST:
JMT Pimeta Home
Gilmore V2-SE
Meier Audio HA-2,Prehead,HeadFive,HA-2 Mk.II SE
SinglePower MPX3
G&W T2.6F
Darkvoice 336i
Dynahi Veda SE
Little Dot Mk. III
Bada PH-12 (stock)
Darkvoice 337
[AK]Zip HA-1, MKII
WeeeeeeSquirrel Overhaulin' 336SE
AMC XIA integrated (for HE-5LE)
Qinpu X-1.0A integrated (for HE-6)
cfcubed beta 22 (ss)
Schiit Magni

Headphone amps PRESENT:
Fitz-improved Bada PH-12 ULTRA (hybrid)
Lehmann Black Cube Linear (ss)
custom-built KMF Audio headphone amp
Koss Electrostatic Energizer
KingSound M-20
Linn Intek integrated
Qinpu A-1.0X
Denon AVR-1905 (A/V receiver)

Source Inventory

Sources past:
EVS-modded SONY 9000ES
Panasonic S47
RAM-modded Samsung DVD HD-841

Sources present:
EVS-modded SONY BDP-S780
EVS-modded Oppo 970HD
Denon DVD-1940CI
Samsung BDP-D5500

Cable Inventory

EVS IC100, MAC AgQ, Millersound digital coax, Millersound IC; VenHaus Flavor 2 and Flavor 4, MAC Source and HC power cables, Iego 70530 PCs, Aural Thrills active ICs, Virtue Audio Nirvana ICs, SilverSound Trilogy IC, Belkin UP-OCC speaker cable, Neotech UP-OCC ICs, JW Audio Cryo speaker cable, Paul Speltz Anti-cable.

28AWG solid core UP-OCC copper cryo-treated cable for HifiMAN
28 AWG solid core UP-OCC silver cryo-treated cable for HifiMAN

Headphone Lounge UP-OCC silver and copper cables for Martin Logan Mikros 90

Power-Related Components

Versalab Woodblock, Powervar and OneAC power conditioners, power wraps

Other Audio Equipment

Pre-Head-fi Rig:
EVS-modded Sony 9000ES
Kora Titan Monoblocks
Millersound IC and speaker cable
Aliante Model One Pinanfarina monitors (cherry)
Sunfire True Subwoofer Mk.II
Virtual Mode PC-1, ClearPower power conditioners

Current Home (1):
RAM/Samsung HD841
Proton 440 tuner
Qinpu A-1.0X
Wharfedale Diamond 9.1

Current Home (2)
Sony BDP-S580
Denon AVR 1905
Sim2 HT-300E
Mission AVR 7.1

Current apartment:
EVS/Sony BDP-S780
Parasound T/DQ-1600 tuner
Linn Intek
KEF iQ10
Martin Logan Dynamo 700

Audio-Related Tweaks

PowerVar and ONEAC power conditioners,
DakiOm HR203,R203, MA203, MA253, F203, F273
Herbies Hal-O and Duende tube dampers,Ebony domes
gabon ebony footers, chassis dampers
DIY "Cloud 9-to-5" suspension platforms
Vibrapod cones/footers
Marigo Signature disc mat
Walker Talisman de-magnitizer/staticizer
EVS Ground Enhancers
GIEN graphite disc mat
SID disc mat

Music Preferences

Early period music
Baroque (J.S. Bach)
"Pre-modern" Jazz
Pre-1970's Country & Western
R&R from the '60's and '70's
'80's Pop

Interests (non-headphone)

Roman Catholicism
Catholic Theology/Mariology
Humanae Vitae
Martial Arts Films (Shaw Brothers)

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Total Gym Pro with Huck Industries wheels, cables and handles
TI-84+ Silver Edition
Minitab software
2000 Saturn SL-2

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