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Pennsylvania, St.Louis, Nashville, NYC, U.K

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on 6/21/15

About Me:

fin. audio hobby completed when i purchased th900 and hpa8 (upgraded with dual SS3601 op-amps)

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

observing two excitable stars

What I do for a living:


Headphone Inventory


Fostex TH-900
Sennheiser HD-700
AKG K550
Superlux HD-662
Panasonic RP-HTF600E-S
Sennheiser Surrounder
Panasonic RP-HTX7
Sennheiser MX90VC
Sennheiser MX-500


Sennheiser HD-555 (structurally died)
Sennheiser HD-600
Sennheiser HD800 #00498
Sennheiser RS 4200
AKG K1000 #10035
HiSoundAudio PAA-1
Grado PS-1000 #202
Sennheiser RS-140
Ultimate Ears
Sony PFR-V1 (x2)
Stax SR-001 MKII
Denon D5000 Markl Modded|Jena Balanced
Etymotic Red & Blue ER4P|S - HYS Clear Customs
Grado SR-325i (#5170)|modded
Shure SE530 PTH

Headphone Amp Inventory


Fostex HP-A8 (dual SS3601)
20376 HP
Fiio E1 ultra modded
Fiio E5 B/W
Fiio E3 Black
BioScienceGeek CMOY|OPA2227

Awaiting on order since aug 2007 - yep, still not arrived in 2014

Xin SuperMicro IV Black
Xin SuperMicro IV Clear
Xin Reference 'D' all silver 1/4 /1/8 (out)


Sennheiser Lucas
Benchmark HPA2
Firestone Audio "Big Joe"
SPL Phonitor
Sony BAM-P1
BioScienceGeek CMOY|OPA2134
Stax SRM-001 MKII
HeadRoom Balanced Desktop Amp+DPS+DAC+Stepped Attenuator
Graham Slee Voyager
Xin SuperMicro IV|4/11 tweaks
Sony BAM-P1
Xin SuperMacro III V6b (1x OPA2134PA + 2x high-C BUF634P)
Practical Devices XM4 W/ Charge Circuit

Source Inventory


Fostex HP-A8
20376 DAC
Oppo BDP-93EU - Multi DVD/Blu
Samsung Series 7 slate
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia 808
Nokia N9
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy Note 3
Apple iPod Shuffle 1st Gen 1GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
Intel iMac
iMac G3
Sony PS1 SCPH-1002|modded
Dell Latitude X300
Creative Zen Stone 1GB


Dell Inspiron 1520
Apple iPhone 4 32GB
Apple iPad + Camera Connection Kit
Logitech Squeezebox Boom
Apple Power CD
Benchmark DAC-1 Pre
HTC S620
Sony CDP-411
Sumvision Yumi Pro 2GB
Sony D-VE7000S x2
Archos 7 IMT 160GB
Rega Jupiter Transport
Sony Walkman Pro WM-D6C
4G 20GB iMod
AMP3 Pro 1 Silver 12GB DAP
Empirical Audio Off-Ramp Turbo 2
Rega Planet CDP
Behringer Ultra Curve Pro DEQ2496|Audiosmile Modded
4G iPod photo 60GB
Sansa Clip 2GB Black w/ Radio
Tonium Pacemaker 120GB
Cowon Q5W 80GB
Trends Audio UD-10.1 w/ regulated PSU
Cowon Q5W 40GB
EEEPC netbook
Rega Io DAC
Sony Walkman Pro WM-D6C|SMT
HTC S621
4G DIY iMod (32GB Flash, Twin tapped HP-out & Line-Out)
iMod 5.5G 80GB
Sony NW-HD5/B 40GB W/RM-MC40ELK Remote
iPhone 8GB - Jailbroken @O2 PAYG|running offline wikipedia (2GB) | RIP DEV Kate Unlimited.
iPhone 8GB
Sony NW-HD5/B 20GB
NOS Sony NW-HD1 20GB
Sumvision Yumi Pro 4GB
Sony NW-HD1
Sony Walkman Pro WM-D6C|SMT
Sony NW-HD5/R 20GB
Sony NW-HD5/S 20GB
Sony NW-HD5H 30GB
iRiver i-HP140 40GB W/Remote
iMod 4G photo 60GB
iPod 1G Shuffle 1GB
iPod 1G 10GB
iPod 2G 20GB
iPod 3G 40GB
iPod 4G ClickWheel 40GB
iPod photo 60GB
EIGER MPman F10 32mb upgraded to 64mb
MSI MegaStick

Cable Inventory


iPad Camera Connection Kit
Monster PowerflowLED Helix500Mhz USB Interconnect
2 x 1m Adam Hall XLR patch leads
1.5m QED J2P RCA to Mini x3
1m QED Signature 75 rhodium coax x2
5m 75ohm Neutrik/V-damme BNC to Coax
2m 110ohm AES/EBU Digital Neutrik/V-damme
5m 75ohm Neutrik/V-damme Coax to Coax
œIxos RCA to Mini 1.5m
Mark Grant digital coax to coax 75ohm, 5m
QED Qunex Qwire-P
Profigold PGD561 1m TOSLink - courtesy of lisnalee!
Balanced Neutrik-->1/4"
Blue Jeans BJC LC-1 RCA
vdamme/neutrix 3.5mm --> 1/4" converter


Van Den Hul Optocoupler MKII 1M x2
1M Van Den Hul HDMI Flat
CryoParts Axis USB
10" Mark Grant 1694a canare/belden coax to coax
Grado 4.5M HP Extension cable
1m QED Qunex SR75 coax - courtesy of lisnalee!
Shure Vol. Attenuator
Grado 3.5mm --> 1/4" adapter cable
Cryo-Parts USB cable
SK Silver Custom Micro RA to RA Mini
MIT Shotgun S1 RCA, 1.5m
Virtual Dynamics Reference 1M RCA to RCA
Nordost Valhalla 0.6m Balanced Pair (orig.fact.term)
Nordost Valhalla 0.6m Balanced Pair w/ Furutech Rhodium XLRs
RCA to mini Jena silver/copper eichmann
Nordost Frey 1.0m Balanced XLR pair
C&C Crystal Mini
Etymotic OEM P -> S Cable
Apuresound Etymotic ER•4P Recable
SK iMod Copper+Silver Charge 'N Play
ALO P-VCap OIMP 4.7uF¹/Teflon 0.1uF¹ (4parallel)
Shure PTH Module
RnB Audio Black diamond reference|right to right
Ety er4p->s 75ohm resistance adapter cable
ALO Cryo X Silver|right to straight
V-Cap OIMP Dock 8.0uF¹

Power-Related Components


IsoClean 1.6A Gold plated directional slow blow fuse
1m Solid Silver Fig.8 Rhodium/Teflon Power cable
2 x Mark Grant - DSP 2.5 Dual Screened IEC power cable w/ silver plated toughplugs
Belkin Net Series Pro Black 1400 Volt-Amp Sine Wave Backup Generator/UPS
Tacima CS929 mains conditioner x 4


Merlin Funnelweb MKII X 2
HR Astrodyne

Other Audio Equipment

M-Audio CO2
Sega iDog iPod Speakers ;)
Griffin Powermate Volume Knob
Fostex PC-1
Sony ICD-P620 DVR


Creative X-FI Elite Pro 7.1
Logitech 10.2 Z-5500
Toshiba SW1000
SMPro iNano Passive Attenuator x 2
Rega Solar Remote
Audioengine W1 - 2 pairs
Audioengine A5 White
Sony ECM-MS907 condenser mic
Logitech Audiostation Express
Yamaha YSP-600
Grado Liberators (nickerators)
Kensington FX 300 'Speaker-To-Go'
Kensington FX 300 'Speaker-To-Go'
Creative Audigy 4 Pro 7.1
Logitech Z5300
Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1
Altec Lansing ACS495 2.1
Harmon Kardon 2.1

Audio-Related Tweaks

Adam A5 white speaker stands
10x Telos Audio Teflon, Non-Shorting RCA Caps
set of 4 teflon HAL-O Jr RCA dampening rings
maple cones galore!!
free tweak: absolute phase in effect on CDP
Zero Upsampling
Statmat CDi Blue
4 sets of 4 x large isonodes
4 x Herbies Audio Tenderfeet
4 x Herbies Audio ISO-cups
4 sets of 4 x small isonodes
PWB Electret rainbow foil strips placed on back of any spinning media to negate deleterious effects of moving parts
Asparagus bands (minty green)
Frequently fill listening chamber with liquid bubbles for enhanced acoustics, taking into account polydispersity, finite liquid compressibility, and non-adiabatic thermal changes.

Music Preferences

Eclectivity Personified

Interests (non-headphone)

Dark Arts Graphic Design

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Pusher Trilogy
Primer, Timecrimes and Triangle Blu's
Qlink Pendant
Meet the Robinsons Walkie Talkie watches
Lumagen Radiance XE3D+ ISF'ed
LHC (Large Hadron Collider)
Xtreamer Network Media Tank|Scythe mod
Mosa 1/2L cream whipper & Portable Cracker
LED Lenser M7R
Pelican 7060
POF for optical none of this fancy glass malarkey
ͨ 5 ͪ 11ᴼᴺᴼ
Grand Piano
Reed and Pipe Organ
Bass Guitar
Double Speed Guitar
Two Slightly Distorted Guitars
Millenium Trilogy
Spanish Guitar and Introducing Acoustic Guitar
Plus Tubular Bells
Logitech Illuminated Keyboard
Soto Pocket burner!

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