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Headphone Inventory

Westone ES3
Klipsch Image X10
Sennheiser MX 400
Sennheiser HD 800

Previously owned:
Shure E2G
Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 2005
Sennheiser HD 650
UE Super Fi 5 Pro

Headphone Amp Inventory

RudiStor RP010B-MKII Black Version
RSA Predator

Previously owned:
C&C Box
C&C Box+
C&C F1
HeadAmp Pico
RSA P-51 the Mustang
Little Dot I+
Triad Audio Lisa III+LLP
Phil Audio PA-HA-6000MK3SE
RudiStor RPX-300

Source Inventory

Accuphase DP-800 CD/SACD Precision Transport
Accuphase DC-801 Precision Digital Processor
AIWA XP-EV500 (lending out)
IPod Classic 120G
IRiver H364 (with 64GB SSD, Black Gate caps x4, Cameron Sino 2200mAh battery and Mundorf silver/gold wires modification)
Sony NE20LS
Sony PS3 120G
Creative E-MU 1212M PCI (idle)

Previously owned:
Creative X-FI Platinum
Behringer SRC2496 Ultramatch Pro
IRiver H360 BGx4 MOD (Broken)
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C with OCXO clock MOD
Denon DCD-SA1

Cable Inventory

Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Dreamline XLR interconnect cable 1M
Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Absolute Dream XLR interconnect cable 1M
ZY Pure Silver 2TS to 2RCA cable 0.6M (idle)
Nordost Odin mini to mini cable
Crystal Cable Reference mini to mini cable with Furutech Rhodium mini plugs x2
Whiplash Audio Elite SCSCag iPod dock to mini cable
cantsleep Pure silver mini to mini cable
DIY Mundorf silver/gold wires iPod dock to mini cable (with nylon multifilament sleeving and carbon fiber rhodium plug)
DIY Mundorf silver/gold wires HD 800 balanced cable 10FT (with nylon multifilament sleeving, Furutech CF-H800 (R) and Furutech CF-601M (R) plugs)
Voodoo Cable Lightwave Fiber Optic Cable 2M

Previously owned:
Moon Audio Blue Dragon for HD 650 cable 5FT
Qables Silvercab mini to mini cable
Qables Silvercab Pro iPod dock to mini cable
Qables Silvercab Hybrid iPod dock to mini cable
Revelation Audio Labs Cryo Silver Sennheiser cable 2.5M
ALO Cryo SXC mini to mini cable
AudioQuest Columbia XLR interconnect cable 1.5M
APureSound V3 iPod dock to mini cable
APureSound V3 for HD 800 cable 7FT
Crystal Cable Piccolino mini to mini cable
Zu Cable Oxyfuel RCA interconnect cable 1M
Zu Cable Gede RCA interconnect cable 1M
Zu Cable Firemine coaxial cable 1M
Zu Cable Ash coaxial cable 1M
Zu Cable Pivot mini to RCA cable 1M
ZY Twinax Plus mini to RCA cable 1M
ZY Pure Silver mini to mini cable 1M
ZY mini to mini cable 1.5M
Whiplash Audio Elite TWag iPod dock to mini cable
Whiplash Audio Elite TWag mini to mini cable
Neotech NEVD-2001 coaxial cable 1.5M RCA
Choseal Optical Digital Cable 2M
Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Reference XLR interconnect cable 1M
Kimber Kable illuminations D-60 1.5M RCA
Zu Cable Varial Mk3 RCA interconnect cable 6FT
Whiplash Elite Reference Interconnects RCA 6FT with ETI Silverbullet plugs

Power-Related Components

PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant 5
Stage III Concepts A.S.P. Reference Zyklop Power Cable 2M
Crystal Cable CrystalPower Dreamline Power Cable 1.5M
Kondo ACZ Avocado Power Cable with Furutech FI-50 2M
Revelation Audio Labs Precept Cryo-Silver™ Reference A/C Mains cable with Furutech FI-28(R) 2M x 2
Goldmund Power Cord Special Version 2.5M
Grey Knight 1.5M UK Power Cord
DIY OCC Silver Plated Copper Power Cable 1.8M (with Wattgate 330/350i Silver plugs)
Furutech Absolute Power II 1.8M
Furutech e-TP80 AC Power Distributor with Filtered Receptacles
MS HD POWER 1080P Professional Filtering Power Bar
Furutech GTXC-D (R) with Furutech FP-205 (RL)
Furutech FP-1363-S (R) UK BSI Single Wall Socket
MK Cryo Copper Socket (UK)

Previously owned:
Crystal Cable CrystalPower Ultra Power Cable 2M
Furutech Alpha PS-950-18 - Powerflux 1.8M
ZY Power Cable 2M
ZY Power Cable 1.5M
Zu Cable Bok Power Cable 1.5M
Zu Cable Bok Power Cable 2M
DIY 6N(99.9999%) Copper Power Cable 1.5M
DIY Furutech FP-Alpha-3 Power Cable 1M (with Furutech FI-15E(R) and Furutech FI-50M)
Isoclean Power Super Focus Power Cable 2M
PS Audio Juice Bar II
Furutech GTX-D (R)
Oyaide C-004
Vovox Textura Power Cable 1.8M x 2
Stealth Audio Dream V10 Power Cable for Preamp 2M
Zu Cable Birth Power Cable 1.5M x 2
Furutech FI-11 (G)
Wire World The Matrix multi-way power distribution block
Nordost Valhalla Power Cable 2M
Furutech GTX-D (G)
Furutech Flux-50 filter
Stealth Audio Dream V12 Power Cable 1.5M

Other Audio Equipment

Focal Professional CMS 50

Previously owned:
Klipsch Promedia Ultra 2.0
KRK Rokit Powered 5 Generation 2

Audio-Related Tweaks

Acoustic Revive ECI-100
Acoustic Revive RR-777 with Kingrex PSU
Auralex SpeakerDudes (HD)
Alto-Extremo Fat Boy x 2 sets
Craig Deoxit
Craig Deoxit Gold
Furutech Nano Liquid
Furutech High End Performance Fuse
Powerhouse Infinity 2 Power Platinum Fuses
Powerhouse Infinity 2 Power Rhodium Fuse
Isoclean Power 24K gold plated Fuse
IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 Speaker Stand
Magnetic Float Isolation System
Magnetic Float Isolation System MKII x 3 sets
Finite Elemente Ceraball Universal Set of Four x 2 sets
VooDoo Cable Iso-Pod Vibration Isolation System
Carbon Fiber Wall Plate
Indonesia Ebony Spikes
Sun-sha audio board (S-50) and guide sheet (B-50)
Cardas Signature RCA and XLR caps
Gutwire Notepad
Taoc ASRII-3S-MS with SP-500
Taoc SCB-RS-HC-50G

Previously owned:
Finite Elemente Ceraball Universal

Music Preferences

New Age

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