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Just when he thought he was out...


Marietta, GA

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28 minutes ago

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GA Tech Comp Sci 2K1

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Computer programmer

Headphone Inventory

Stax 009 (two)
Stax L700
Stax 007 Mk I (71xxx serial)
Audio Technica ATH-L3000
Sennheiser HD650-ish (2012 HD650 replacement drivers in rare HD580 Jubilee body) w/ 2004 Equinox XLR cable
Sennheiser HD650 (2003 model; darker smoother sound) w/ Zu Mobius XLR cable

Sony MDR-R10 (nice for classical, but totally not worth insane prices. awful headphone for rock)

Sony Qualia 010 (awesome headphone with a kinda awful midrange and fit issues...still somehow sounds awesome when the stars aligned. HD800 is a cheap knockoff of this.)

Grado HP-2 (three times! nice headphone, except for the complete lack of soundstage and horrific comfort)

Audio-Technica L3000 Leatherhead (3 times!)
Audio-Technica ATH-W2002 (w/ matching amp; pretty!! nice sounding but not stellar overall)

Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 (truly awful)
Audio-Technica ATH-W10VTG? (I may have got the model # a bit wrong, but it was the first wood headphone they did)

JVC HP-DX1000 (fun listen; lots of bass)
Ultrasone Edition 9 (sounds decent overall, but a very mediocre $1500 headphone)
AKG K-1000 (meh)
AKG K340 (meh)
Sennheiser HD600 (awesome, but I liked HD650 better)
Sennheiser HD580 (deal of the century in headphones)

Grado RS-1 (twice: really vintage w/ wood box and less vintage w/ pizza box. not worth the price when you can get HD600/650)

Grado HF-1 (Serial #15! Should have kept; probably enjoyed this more than any other non-HP1000 Grado)

Grado RS-2 (meh++, maybe a better choice than RS-1 if you want a Grado for some reason)

Grado SR-225 (ugh - way too bright with bowl pads; way too muddy with flats; OK with old vwap pads but never gonna get to where you want it)

Headphone Amp Inventory

Balanced hev90 (DIY build from someone else)
KGSShv Carbon
KGSShv 500V
KGSShv 450V
Head-amp Gilmore Reference Balanced
Singlepower SDS (original toaster style...the ORIGINAL SDS)

Source Inventory

Shiit Yggdrasil
Eximus DP1
Clearaudio Innovation Wood, Graham Phantom Supreme, Koetsu Onyx Platinum, Jade Platinum, Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, Rogue Ares, Sonic Frontiers Phono 1 SE+

Cable Inventory

wires everywhere

Power-Related Components

bigger gauge wires, poorly concealed

Other Audio Equipment

Tannoy Canterbury SE speakers
Rogue Audio Apollo monoblocks
Rogue Hera II preamp

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