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Las Vegas

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6 days ago

About Me:

I like turtles.

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Tattoos are fun, like hugging a unicorn covered in magic needles!

What I do for a living:

A lot of stressful stuff and music relieves stress.

Headphone Inventory

LCD-3(f), Alpha Dogs, HD650, B&W P7

Headphone Amp Inventory

Woo Audio WA22
Schiit Asgard 2, Magni
DNA Sonett

Source Inventory

JRiver 20 - Windows 8.1 > Matrix X-Sabre
iPhone > Pure i20 > Schiit Bifrost

Cable Inventory

Double Helix Headphone Cables - P7, LCD3's (Complement 4)
Norne Audio - Alpha Dogs (Vanquish), LCD3's (Draug 2)
Pangea Audio 14awg Power Cables
PYST (StraightWire) USB Cables
PYST (StraightWire) RCA Cables
ViaBlue RCA Cables
ViaBlue Digital Coaxial Cable - 75ohm
StraightWire Rhapsody S XLR Interconnects

Power-Related Components

Belkin Pure AV60

Other Audio Equipment

Schiit Wyrd "USB Decrapifier" - It decrapifies...the USB port noise from my PC...

Western Electric 422A
Marconi U52
Mullard GZ32/CV593
Potato Masher
CBS Hytron/Philco 5AW4
Sophia Princess 274B Mesh
Mullard GZ34 Metal
Phillips Miniwatt GZ34 Metal
Marconi U54 "Fat Bottle"
Marconi U54 "Thin Bottle"

Power Tubes:
Tung-Sol 5998
Tung-Sol 7236
Bendix 6080WB Graphite
Western Electric 421A
Tung-Sol/Chatham 6520
Thomson-CFS 6080WA Black Plate

Driver Tubes:
Tung-Sol BGRP 6F8G/VT-99
Ken-Rad VT-231
Mullard ECC32/CV181
Sophia 6SN7
Tung-Sol VT-231

Misc Tubes: (Sonett)
Reflektor 6H30P-DR

Favorite w/ LCD3 & Woo WA22:
WE422A + WE421A/TS5998 + Mullard ECC32
U52 + WE421A/TS5998 + TS 6F8G/VT-99
GZ34 Metal + Chatham 6520 + Mullard ECC32

Music Preferences

This area is to small to list my preferences. I listen to almost anything depending on my mood. Some music like Tool is good when you want to zone out, Otis Redding when you want to hear some true feeling in music, or Deep Purple Made in Japan for one of the best live performances ever.

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