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About Me:

I have been into audio since I was 15 and bought my first AIWA bookshelf stereo. Upgrades ever since

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Jamming music, and raising my son.

What I do for a living:

I run a kitchen at a nursing home. IEMs work great for when in my office.

Headphone Inventory

IEMs (From favorite to least favorite)

Fidue A83 (The most cohesive triple Hybrid I've heard. Great resolution and response in all frequencies)
DUNU Titan 1
Sidy DGS100 (Forward mid bass like the H3, still great detail and transparency)
Sony XBA-H3 (amazing bass and separation)
Vsonic GR07BE, 2 pairs (The reviews on head fi will speak for themselves)
Dunu DN-1000 (right up there with the GR07 BE)
T-PEOS Altone200 (Incredible detail, punchy bass, bright highs that can be too much sometimes)
Havi B3 (When amped and playing the right music this might be the best sounding thing I have)
TTPOD T1E (This thing sounds amazing and hifi with an amplifier. Basshead audiophile, right up my alley)
Ostry KC06, 2 pair (one of the closest things to the b3 without needing an amp)
Ostry KC06a (KC06 with more bass, me likey)
Monster Gratitude (Ugly as schiit but they sound amazing)
Meelectonics A151P 2nd Generation
Soundsoul S-018
Vivo XE800 (GR07 & VSD1 lovechild)
KZ ED Special Edition (Best build and sound quality to price ratio of anything I own)
Sidy DM2 (Hifi, great soundstage, amazing bass and mids, in your face sound)
Audio Technica ATH-IM50, (these have great mids and soundstage)
Zero Audio Carbo Tenore, 3 pair (great iems that are very flat with a nice complimenting sub bass)
VSONIC VSD3S (Very impressive sound but highs seem artificial and lows seem slightly monotone)
Sony MH1C
KZ-GR (2 great sounds in one iem)
HZSOUND HZ EP001 (A Good first offering that has plenty bass and forward mids)
Soundmagic E30 (these are awesome and incredibly underrated on head fi)
Auglamour AG-R1 (very nice build and sound for $25)
KZ-R3 (Awesome build and good sound)
Tennmak Store IE800 (Wide soundfield with good resolution)
Sidy HK1, 2 pair (the soundstage is epic)
Meelectronics M9 classic (High energy V signature with great bass response)
Earmax ER80 (ie800 knock off that sounds awesome)
Penon IEM
Sony MDR-EX310LP (My first iem purchase over $50 a few years ago, I still like them)
Meelectronics A161p (Very good for a single BA driver)
Astrotec AX-35 (decent, but not the sq I was hoping for)
Sidy DM3 (Warm sound, cool looks, lots of bass)
TTPOD T2 (relaxed highs, not much extension, not what I was hoping for, still a decent IEM)
Hisoundaudio ES212 (V signature, and great looking IEM)
Vsonic VSD1s (great for long listening sessions)
KZ micro ring (great sound, tough fit)
Sony MDR-EX58V (hidden gem $15 phone that sounds like it costs over $100)
Soundmagic E10 (read the reviews, editors choice award)
LG Quadbeat 2 (solid performer, not fond of the flat cable)
Phillips SHE3590 (check the reviews)
Meelectronics M6 (v signature, great fit for exercise)
Xiaomi Piston 2.0, 2 pair (read the reviews, awesome for edm)
Xiaomi Piston IF, 2 pair (I'm a collector lol)
KZED8 (Very nice sound but too much bass bleed, bulky build)
VJJB K1 (Spacious sound with lots of good bass and nice treble response)
KZ ES (splashy highs prevent a higher ranking)
Monoprice 9927, 2 pair ($8 dollar phones with amazing midcentric sound)
Sony MDR-EX300 (came stock with Walkman f806)
KZ R1 (shotty build, but awesome sound for the $4 dollars I paid)
Don Scorpio Bass Colour (this would get a higher ranking if the fit and cord wasn't so awfully designed)
Sidy MR1 (sounds better with a eq adjustment)
Moxpad x3 (tons of bass and snug fit, great for working out)
KZ DT5 Pole Tone Edition (too much boom)
KZ Platinum Limited Edition (similar to the KZDT5PTE)
KZ CM9 (highs are harsh)
Cogoo T02 (great for working out)
Meelectronics a151p (great design, not impressed by the sound however)
Sony XBA-1 (nothing to write home about lol)
Aiwa ES900
KZ 2013 (like the ANV but with more bass and a V signature) GIFT OF HEAD-FI
Tennmark Store DIY EC2 (A bit too warm for my liking)
Kz-rx (lots of bass and not much detail)
Ivery is4 (solid build but anemic sound) GIFT OF HEAD-FI
Ivery is1 (overhyped crud)
Sidy hk2 (disappointed as the hk1 is awesome)

On the way: Dunu Titan T1

On ears (From favorite to least favorite)

Sennheiser HD600
Superlux HD681 evo (after filter mod)
Takstar HI2050
Audo Technica ATH-M50 (reviews speak for themselves)
Takstar Pro80
Koss Porta Pro (read the reviews, awesome)
KZ LPT (V Moda replica, warm sound, unrefined signature) GIFT OF HEAD FI
Monoprice MHP-839 (best bang for buck you can get IMHO) RETIRED
Sony XB500 (junk lol) RETIRED

On the way:

Headphone Amp Inventory

Bravo Audio Ocean (Mullard 12AU7 tube)
Cayin C5
Fiio E18
Fiio E17K
Fiio E6
Topping NX1
Soundmagic A10

An onkyo, Sony, and Kenwood home receiver/amplifier.

Source Inventory

Sony walkman f806
Android phones (LG G3, Xperia TL, Galaxy S)
Clip ZIP
Hisoundaudio Nova 1Sony MW1,

Cable Inventory

Many custom cables purchased on Ebay and Aliexpress, I like monster cables for their sq and durability to price ratio.

Other Audio Equipment

Lots of home audio speakers from Infinity, Sony, and Polk Audio

Audio-Related Tweaks

I like clean and deep bass, forward mids, and sparkly treble void of sibilance.

Music Preferences

Depends on what I find. Electronic, hair metal, Symphony, hip hop, alternative, classic rock, pop

Interests (non-headphone)

Being a dad, Baseball, Golf, and hanging with my smokin hot wife.

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

I like watches, sunglasses, and hats also.

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