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About Me:

I am a lover of music and books.

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

i search for the max quality sound for less than one thousand dollars for each piece of the chain

What I do for a living:

sell books

Headphone Inventory

Fostex th 7-b ( for the price, 60 dollars in canada, i think that this dynamic headphone is marvellous)

Hifiman he-400 ( famous reputation for the ratio quality/price) with the Ember, they are almost on par with the Stax basic system...Better for jazz

Stax Lambda Nova Basic (at a used price a bargain in money and sound) better for choral music...

Remark: the electrostatic Stax sound and planar Hifiman sound are too different to be compared, impossible to choose between more transparency and more carnal sounding...

Audiotechnica ath-m50 ( very good bass )

Headphone Amp Inventory

Ember project ( incredibly good and very versatile,very beautiful, with the 7193 Ken-Rad tubes incredibly better than with my 12 other tubes, including the 6sn7) surprisingly high ratio quality/price/flexibility...its pre/out drive also the Stax with more body or the Monsoon internal amps with more soundstage ...

Stax srm252s

Stax smr-xh (at used price a bargain capable to run many stax headphones)

Aune t1 tube dac/amp ( good synergy pairing with the ath m50 and the fostex, not with the He 400 for my ears)
Pa2v2 ( i dont use it now, but for the price interesting deal )
Bravo ocean tube amp ( good synergy with the He 400 and with the AKG 701)

Source Inventory

Beresford Bushmaster mkII with Ankaka Battery charger ( a pure marvel for the price)

Hifimediy asynchronus usb Sabre DAC ( 57 dollars and i am sure one of the best dac less than 200 hundred dollars, and an optic converter, all in one)
+ hifimediy usb isolator (that make in the chain an audible difference to my ears)

Aune t1 tube dac/amp. ( bad synergy with Hifiman He 400)

Cable Inventory

Morrow ma 1 interconnect rca cable ( quality/ price ratio extraordinary, and my most important discovery in audio) + Morrow Ma3 and this upgrade with the ma3 make a big difference...excellent King Valab optical toslink cable (great upgrade from cheap cable)

Other Audio Equipment

first speakers :
Monsoon MM 2000 4.1 active powered desktop speakers (4 planars satellites with a sub)... astonishingly good i would have pay them 600 hundred dollars with joy... they sold 300 hundred in 2001... it cost me 80 dollars used today... a steal.... incredibly acurate sound... ( very good mids, fantastic highs without any distortion at any volume and very accurate bass with a marvellous soundstage and imaging).... I am sure they are only surpassed by mini maggies in accuracy (1,500 dollars+ 500 dollars for an amp to drive them+ a 500 dollars subwoofer)... they are also planars....ridiculously high quality price/ratio compared to the maggies(2500 $ vs. 80$ used)...they surpassed my beloved Swan M10 easily ...not in the same ballgame...note: preamplification with the tube Ember amp upgrade the sound very much. And the source dac is very important because planars are revealing in the utmost manner.( i pair the Monsoon internal amp with the Ember pre-amp function and its make for the second time all the difference )

Second speakers :
Swan m10 2.1 multimedia speakers ( quality/ price ratio impossible to exceed, it cost me one dollar on ebay and the retail price is around 125 dollars) the sound is very musical, and if you are on a tight budget dont kill yourself buy it....You will smile ...

Audio-Related Tweaks

IMPORTANT NOTE : Sorbothane feet are miraculous product for vibrations...They contribute to produce a more clear bass and image... Paramax pm8-av power conditioner made a difference also... bought it used for a cheap amount...made a great difference and protect your gear...

Music Preferences

classical, world and jazz...

Interests (non-headphone)


Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

rocking chair

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