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Headphone Inventory

- AKG K70 TV
Small compact headphones with 6m cable revived into working condition. Alternative pads at the moment. Very warm and musical.

- AKG K240 Monitor
600 Ohm LP version. Warm and musical with a touch of studio character. Great with neutral and anemic sources and amplifiers. I tend to pick them up for listening sessions often when high musicality is required or source has serious brightness that exclude my other headphones.

- AKG K240 DF
600 Ohm LP version. My second pair. Neutral monitor simulators with K1k flavour. Great forward mids. Needs serious voltage to drive them well and deep bassy amplifier to show their true potential in lower registers. One of my favourite headphones after bass corrections.

- AKG K260 Professional
Another 600 Ohm version. The most comfortable (low clamp + lightweight) K2 variant and at the same time the oldest in my collection with very short production lenght (1985-1989). Natural and neutral combination of both Monitor and DF models. Excellent with higher gain and on higher volumes. Their only weaknes is lack of refinement in both ends: lower precision in subbass and slightly grainy highs, inherited direclty from K240 Sextett. Can sound kind of muffled when approached directly from bright cans, but at the same time adaptation process in K260 is very fast. With very reasonable price, you can forgive them many thing with ease.

- AKG K270 Playback
It took me a lot of effort and time to revive them into working condition. Once restored and repaired, they are my closed dual-driver alternative for DF with overall characteristic similar to K280. Fairly coherent with amazingly even bass section and good soundstage width. Mids and high with flat monitoring style. Sometimes lacks of depth. Good isolation.

- AKG K280 Parabolic
Semi-open dual-driver precedessor of 270. Speaker-like kind of presentation. Great bass and sense of depth (concert hall effect), upper mids and upper highs are polished which makes them detailed, musical and dark/hollow at the same time. This model actually was my first from all 4 driver concepts and flipped my switch for exploring the rest of AKG's line of quadrophonic K2 variants.

- AKG K290 Surround (+ Switchbox)
True quadrophonic variant of 280, smaller and with more problematic connection. Bassy, dark and forward sounding in stereo mode, actually the most warm and bassy in entire K2 line. In 4ch more open and nasal. Much better with velour non-stock pads in stereo mode. Rarely used and mostly picked for test purposes with other speaker equipment.

- AKG K301
Underrated headphones in my opinion, LP 100 Ohm version with material earpads made from the remainings of standard leathered pads. Can be considered as more comfortable alternative for K2 series or a point better version of K260 PRO. I'm using them often as just everyday headphones and in situations, when I need similar sound and performance to K260 but without high impedance.

- AKG K340 ES-D (Bass Heavy)
Classic hybrid ex-flagship. Very difficult to approach, but with fully restored materials and proper synergy coming from source chain they can still did a trick. I prefer them as "almost-closed" pair used from bright source tuned with proper hardware equalizer. Lots of bass, kind of musty midrange, fast and precise treble with rolled off both end. Can be considered as closed version of K240 Sextett with treble quality maxed out.

- AKG K400
LP version with very neutral and flat frequency response. Sound is like cheaper alternative for DT880/600. Great subbass section. Often picked up as my favourite test pair due to very even frequency response through entire spectrum and neutral, slightly dry character of tone. Everything of this makes them near-perfect testing equipment with potential to reveal many things that other headphones can't.

- AKG K401
Very similar to K501 but with classic K400 flavour in mids. Light and fast bass. Once you get them proper damping foam, they reveal greater potential for modifications than K501 with a tad lower clarity and good results with "V" shaped sources.

- AKG K500
Very rare EP version from 1991-1993 with large bass-reflex DKK45 drivers. In my opinion, this is the best conventional vintage AKG pair you can get. Lot of good bass, forward mids, natural treble, very open soundstage. Version LP had much less bass and was brighter. Since I've had both, I could carefully examine each one and in every single aspect my early pair literally blew out of the water the LP version. Probably most underrated and overlooked headphones in AKG history and the best pair of Premium class dynamic headphones I've ever had.

- AKG K501
Famous classical pick. Very similar to K401 but with a tad better quality and more forward mids. In my opinion overrated headphones which can show their excellent performance only in classical and acoustic genres. In other ones, they can be too bass light and shouty. Once toned down with foam pads, can perform much better with other genres too. Never the less, I've found them as the most suited for tasks required high perception of soundstage size and sensitivity for source brightness.

- AKG K1000
LP version. Driven by old Yamaha M-35 power amplifier, this headphones can simulate professional studio monitors kind of presentation very well, mixing sound signatures of K240 DF and K500 EP together. Serious bass, very intimate and forward mids, crystal clear treble (toned down with cables and dark nature of M-35). They kicked out my HD800 and T1.2 back in a day and withstanded confrontations with many other headphones, like Ultrasone Edition 5 or even Audeze LCD-4. Used with DIY acoustic polariser placed inside the frames to increase bass response.

- Etymotic MK5
My very neutral and kind of anemic in-ear monitors of choice, when K270 is not enough for proper isolation from the outside world. Used with DIY filters for warmer and bassier sound.

- Etymotic HF2
My second Etymotic pair with much greater sensitivity than MK5 and as substitute for ER4. Tuned for similar effect as previous ones and used often as test pair for tonality, background noise and self-hissing.

- Beyerdynamic Byron BT
My only wireless pair with large battery and very high ergononic. "V"-shaped with slightly compressed highs.

- RHA T20
Very euphonic, energetic earphones with "V"-shaped tonality. Excellent resolution for their price, as same as build quality and comfort. Although not my cup of tea in terms of bass (there is often too much of it), overall quality ans soundstage are still very impressive.

Headphone Amp Inventory

- NuForce HAP-100
Quite natural amplifier with multiple input and digital volume control. Used mostly for test purposes.

- Yamaha M-35
Used as K1000 amplifier. Amazing bass with warmth can keep this headphones under control very well.

Source Inventory

- Asus Xonar Essence STX (with Bursons SS V5 and SIL 994Enh)
Amazing source via RCA thanks to both discreete opamps. Via HP OUT more neutral and can be better paired with warm headphones like K240 M. Also working as COAX source for DAC-80.

- AIM SC808 (with Bursons SS V5i)
Alternative source in very natural configuration, similar in sound to Soloist SL MKII amplifier (natural kind of presentation focused on midrange).

- Burson Conductor V2+
Very classy sound with mindblowing quality. I was amazed especially by its AMP/PRE section, which allows me to drive and steer any high-class headphones without any problems.

- NuForce DAC-80
Dedicated source for my K1000. Very realistic with a tad of warmth and excellent soundstage. Warmer than Conductor.

Cable Inventory

- Audeos Deluxe Hybrid 8 (XLR 4pin)
- Audeos ZerOne (COAX)
- Audeos Gold Reference (RCA)
- QED Performance Graphite (OPT)
- QED Anniversary-XT Silver
- Ultralink Challenger 2

Other Audio Equipment

- KEF Q80
Classic english school floorstanders with passive radiators. Excellent midrange.

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