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Headphone Inventory

HYBRIDS/BA Armature (from favorite to least):

1. HLSX-808 (Titanium driver & AFX BA hybrid) (deep sounding bass with great impact, and clean and clear vocals joined with crisp hi-end details that even rivals the Sendiy M2's silver tuned nozzles. Soundstage is big and spacious, which brings out the best out of most songs effortlessly, even out-staging my favorite K3003's on most genre's)
2. K3003 (3-way hybrid) (DIY version of AKG K3003 by Senfer) (great wide-stereo imaging and sonic impact with airy and extended details on top) (balanced version)
3. GranVela URBANFUN (2-way hybrid) (excellent wide and open soundstage with deep broad bass, great mids and detailed treble)
4. Kinera BD05 (2-way hybrid) (sport-type) (great wide-stereo imaging and soundstage with realistic sounding vocals) (has more similar characteristics to the K3003 than any of the other hybrids I've auditioned by far -best bang for a hybrid at its price point!)
5. HLSX-8 (2-way hybrid) (great energy and efficiency with incredible bass that goes down deep with a good sense of presence and soundstage)
6. Remax RM-600M (single unit 2-way balanced armature on each side) (excellent soundstage and placement of instruments. Vocals are very lively and the whole spectrum is beautifully balanced with explicit details. Bass is clear and deep with a great realistic feel, punch, and slam to them)
7. Xiaomi Quantie (2-way hybrid) (great soundstage with excellent and well controlled bass and midrange with crisp highs.....only with the right aftermarket silicone tips)
8. SIDY DGS100 (2-way hybrid) (great live soundstage with aftermarket medium wide-bore foam tips)
9. SoundMAGIC PL50 (single balanced armature) (sport-type) (excellent midrange and wide soundstage with aftermarket medium silicone tips)

DYNAMIC Metal/Wood/Plastic housing (from favorite to least):

1. Sendiy M2 (superb workmanship with two tunable nozzles that are completely accurate as described by the company) (natural and life-like soundstage with the ability to articulate all details, instruments and vocals realistically -so far, the best dynamic IEM I ever lend ears to.)
2. Pioneer SEC-CL100 (universal/sport-type) (These are superb in everyway demonstrating excellent details throughout the whole spectrum without ever sounding harsh or sibilant. The soundstage, vocals and instruments combined are so realistic they seem to catch you off-guard. Bass is smooth, fast, and punctual and adds to the richness and fullness of the song playing all the way down to its' deep and excellent sub-bass tone. This only shows how Pioneers true approach on sound quality is true to their name. The CL100 can handle different gendre without ever falling short on the true nature and recording of the music. To be a true leader in sound quality shows me that they can still stay on top after all these years.)
3. JOYROOM JR-E107 (6mm micro-drivers) (Incredible bass and sub-bass with great open soundstage and performance and excellent micro-details done so well that the vocals naturally make their way for an overall great presentation. They provide precision and accuracy that can only be described as epic! -There's no doubt, these can hang right up there with the big boys!)
4. Rock Zircon (solid nano zircon cavity and housing material, which contributes to the excellent and incredibly wide and open soundstage and depth that's only matched by other hybrids or dynamics costing much, much more) (Bass slams extremely low while the mids and highs maintains its' proper place sounding natural and life-like -truly an inexpensive and innovative winner of a gem)
5. KZ-ED11 (very solid with an excellent wide and open soundstage that outperforms all my KZ series and most of my IEM collection) (deep broad bass, luscious mids, and cleaner more vivid treble than the KZ-ED10)
6. TINGO FL800 (DIY version of Sennheiser IE800) (wide soundstage and great balance with excellent transparency) (The texture and resolution are second to none -they make excellent monitors and are a steal for their price)
7. KZ-S4 (beautifully balanced) (excellent bass and sub-bass response with livelier vocals, realistic sounding clashes and symbols, and better instrument separation and soundstage with better efficiency and resolution when compared to the S3)
8. KZ-S3 (nicely balanced) (excellent soundstage with great texture providing crisp highs, luscious mids and a quick, clean, and accurate bass response that is very hard to beat -this one is a winner)
9. KZ-ED9 (superb workmanship and excellent soundstage with tunable nozzles) (medium aftermarket wide-bore tips) (best bang for the buck at its price point and much more)
10. Sound Phil K5 (DIY by SENFER) (excellent soundstage and sonic impact) (same housing as the K3003)
11. Rock Mula (wide and open soundstage with great high-end definition with medium aftermarket wide-bore tips for a better balance)
12. KZ-ED10 (excellent wide and open soundstage and solid performer) (deep broad bass, luscious mids, and decent treble)
13. KZ ATE (2 Pairs: Silver & Transparent Black (sport-type) (wide soundstage with micro-details and incredibily smooth response when used with default medium spong tips)
14. SoundSOUL S-018 (Incredible natural sound signature for its asking price)
15. GranVela/Mrice/Baldoor E300 (excellent "live" soundstage covering the bass, mids, and high's almost in perfect harmony)
16. Xiaomi Pistons 2.0, 2.1, IF Edition (with medium silicone tips from the Xiaomi Quantie IEM's for better balance and accuracy of the bass and soundstage)
17. SoundMAGIC E10 (with medium aftermarket wide-bore tips for a better sounding life-like soundstage and imaging)
18. Astrotec AM800 (very attractive looking, great sounding IEM)
19. SADES SA608 (similar sound signature to Ultrasone Performance 880)
20. Philips SHE9620/28 (Rose Gold Edition) (with medium aftermarket wide-bore tips for great clarity and imaging)
21. KinDen (with 3 Tuned Metal Nozzles)
22. KZ-EDSE (same as KZ-EDR1, but with enhanced upper-midrange)
23. KZ-EDR1 (same as KZ-EDSE, but with enhanced lower-bass)
24. KZ-ES
26. Meelectronics SP51 (with wide-bore aftermarket tips and gun-metal grey tuning port)
27. IVERY IS-1/LIBERTY (vivid/clear version with sub-bass impact)
28. CKY CK-38 (mimics single balanced armatures.....incredible value in sound alone)
29. Pioneer CE-SL31 (similar sound signature to Grado SR80)
31. Senmai SM-E9106
32. SoundMAGIC E30 (sport-type) (with small silicone tips from Ivery IS-1)
33. Philips SHE3580 (with medium sky-blue/black tips from vsonic)
34. Monoprice 8320 (sport-type)
35. IVERY IS-1/HIPUT (warm and clear with mid-bass/bass impact) (best when using with comply foam tips or small silicone tips to tame the mid-bass)

DYNAMIC A to Z (no longer own):

1. Holy Serpent V9 (gave away)
2. iRiver ICP-AT500 (sold)
3. IVERY IS-16 (sold)
4. IVERY IV-3 (broke)
5. KZ-ED3 "Youth Version" (sold)
6. Philips SHE3590 (sold)
7. Razor PAX09 (sold)
8. Skullcandy Ink’d (gave away)
9. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds (gave away)
10. SONY MDR-EX083 (sold)
11. Soundmagic ES18 (sold)
12. Soundmagic ES20 (sold)
13. Soundmagic PL11 (sold)
14. Soundmagic PL21 (sold)
15. Soundmagic PL30 (sold)
16. VSONIC GR99 (sold)
17. Xiaomi Paperback Edition (sold)
18. Xiaomi Pistons 1.0 (sold)
19. XKDUN CK-700 (sold)

Auditioned at long-term A to Z (decided not to buy for personal reasons)

AKG K3003i
AKG K374
Astrotec AM-90
Astrotec AX-35
DUNU DN-1000
DUNU DN-2000
Klipsch Image S3
Klipsch Image S4
Klipsch Image X10
MEElectronics CW31
MEElectronics R1
Monster Beats Tour by Dr. Dre
Monster Miles Davis Tribute
Monster Turbine
Monster Turbine Pro Copper
Monster Turbine Pro Gold
Radius HP-TWF21
Sennheiser CX200
Sennheiser CX250
Sennheiser CX300
Sennheiser IE8
Sennheiser IE80
Sennheiser IE800
Shure SE215
Shure SE535
Shure SE846
Skullcandy FMJ
Skullcandy Holua
Skullcandy TiTan
Westone 3
Westone UM3X

E-BUDS (from favorite to least):

1. GranVela/Mrice/Baldoor E100 (excellent "live" soundstage covering the bass, mids, and high's almost in perfect harmony....perhaps even a "giant killer" -a David vs Goliath competitive earbud!)
2. Edifier H185 (basically competes and matches the Yuin earbuds in sound alone)
3. EarPods (by Apple)

OVER-EAR (from favorite to least):

1. ISK HP2011 (closed back) (soundstage is wide and clear with great extention on both ends. Has a natural airy life-like sound signature to them with excellent placement and transitioning of instruments and a feel of clarity and transparency to them, which makes for the best unamped headphones I've ever owned for monitoring purposes)
2. ISK MDH9000 (closed back) (soundstage is wide, big, and extremely clear from end to end with a broad bass response, excellent vocals and precise hi-end details that makes for the best DJ headphones I've ever experienced)
3. ISK HD9999 (closed back) (soundstage is wide with a sense of openess, clarity and brightness with a crisp high-end. Has great acoustics and vocals just behind the ISK HP2011. They come with extra-thick vinyl pads for enhanced bass and regular pads for a flat sounding signature tended for monitoring purposes)
4. ISK HF2010 (open back) (soundstage is big and clear with a nice deep bass presence with excellent life-like vocals and crystal clear highs, which makes for some of the best open cans in the market)
5. BETOP BT-D30 (closed back) (most cleanest and clearest detailed headphones I've heard by far) (best when amped)
6. BETOP BT-A50 (closed back) (best sounding noise cancelling headphones I've heard by far)

ON-EAR (from favorite to least):

1. KO-STAR KHM-681 (closed) (DIY myself to sound like Momentums)
2. Salar EM350 (closed) (DIY to sound like the GranVela/Mrice/Baldoor E300)
3. AKG K412P (open back) (with slight modification for better SQ)
4. Koss Porta Pro (open back)

Headphone Amp Inventory

LUXPRO DS-11 Headphone Amplifier
with Sub-bass/Mid-bass Tone Control

Source Inventory

Tsinghua Tongfang TF-R12 High Resolution Digital Audio Player/Voice Recorder with solid metal housing (160 hours of playtime capability on one charge)

Tsinghua Tongfang T&F-99 HD High Grade Digital Audio Player/Voice Recorder (200 hours of playtime capability on one charge)

Tsinghua Tongfang T&F-18 Hi-Fi Digital Audio Player/Voice Recorder (100 hours of playtime capability on one charge)

Ruizu X02 Digital Player (updated version with custom EQ setting)

Realtek HD Audio Manager (for Windows PC)

Other Audio Equipment

Yamaha P95 Digital Piano with Yamaha's unique rare metal keyboard stand and chair

Music Preferences

Any type of music that interest me.....too many to categorize.

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Xiaomi REDMi 1S (smart phone)

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