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Bandung, Indonesia

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on 8/3/16

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bespoke tailor

Headphone Inventory

-pioneer se-l40 (a vintage headphone that i think people should have. These are my favorite pair i have so far. Yes it simply bested my other headphones below. At least for my favorite records like from blue note or other jazz music. The soul of music somehow present. Some people say they are muffled sounding but wait until you pair them with an ak240. I can not take off this headphone everytime i start listening to it. The gibson les paul guitar sound amazing on these, piano stroke has powerful punches, drum sound very deep, and the vocal so clean intimate and detail. Music articulation are amazing. and bit of vintage sound also presents. As for the cons they maybe not as highly technical as newer headphone. But no headphones i heard so far get as coherent as this pair. Not good for rnb or trance since its old driver kinda slow.)
-alessandro ms-1i gamja cable and wood cup mod(this is my all round cans. It has forward vocal, airy, and sound natural to me. beautiful bass detail and slam. if you like nightwish this can is for you)
-grado sr60 gamja mod (best grado i have heard so far. most natural sounding and very clean vocal and treble. bass amount is just right, you can sense instruments presence on this headphones, vocal less forward than my ms1 mod)
-roxanne (Truly beautiful sounding iem, they "darkened" the treble a little bit so that you can truly enjoy the musicality as a whole package in a recording. I can easily enjoy background music more with tons of details on them, and amazing head stage) -> This is the best sounding for pop n rnb I have so far!!! For jazz the bass is too bloated imo. If bass set at the minimum setting the roxanne sound dull).
-ath esw11 ltd (a very nice headphone for jazz, vocal, orchestra, acoustics, best with high quality source music and better amp. The longer you listen to them the more you appreciate them. pair it with a dac and tube amp, and you will get a very beautiful sound). Cons: small stage, boomy bass, and colored sounding.
-FAD Pandora Hope vi (After heaven 2, i get addicted to the fad sounds. It is able to drive any music genre quite beautifully especially on orchestra. Very clean sounding, sometimes high get harsh on my ear. Very good bass slam. Sometimes bass on guitar get too bloated make sound bit off)
-shure 215 le blue + estron iem cable = sound very nice and polite for long listening session. Very deep and detail bass). I might called it my little roxy. Same character like custom roxanne but much less refine)
-fad heaven II (Best "budget" iem I have heard so far.. at least the mids, drive it with with a very good source and good amp you will surprise the sound from this 100 dollar iem)
-earsonic sm64 v.2 (my very portable setup with good quality sound overall, especially bass and cymbal sound,mid is good and very detail, though sounding is too dull / less lively for me) -> sold to a better home
-Marshall Major FX 50 aniv (This is a fun sounding headphone, good thick mid, boomy bass with good detail, good imaging too, sometimes stage become small, sound refinement than my standard ms-1i but less fun and less airy)
-Marshall Major white (this actually louder than my 50 fx, but much less refined than 50 fx)
-dt880 250 (Most comfy to wear from my other headphones. sound more natural than dt1350)
-dt1350 (High quality sounding but inaccurate vocal and acoustic sound makes it my least favorite headphone. Though it has very good bass depth and articulation on par with sm64, this mainly used on trance and dubstep music)
-xiaomi piston 2.0 (interesting subwoofer kind of bass and clear high, only good on vocal and jazz, lack of resolution detail and transparency, rock and dubstep/ electronics sound pretty bad on these, for $30 it is good though. They really tune the driver to the max potential. imo better save up and get a shure 215 or a heaven 2 for better quality of sound) Update: I did the foam removal mod on the xiaomi and the sound turn out to be better. I can enjoy listening to the piston 2.0 now. But still can not beat the smooth sound of the 215. imo.

My current best musical setup:
- ak240 > pioneer se-l40
- ak100 > gloveaudio a1 > pioneer se-l40/ms1 mod by gamja

next wishlist:
The Enigma - it goes to my first list
kaiser10 prestige

Headphone Amp Inventory

-analog squared paper tur-06 (best portable amp i have ever heard to date)
-xduoo xp-1 (go for xd-1 with optical cable sound smoother with better separation imo)
-govibe vulcan+ (nice bass on tiesto headphone, able to shake your brain)
-Bengkel Macro (BMac) v4 mkII ( a local diy portable amplifier that sound amazing, this is my on the go portable amplifier)
-hippo box+ (simple set up to power up your dap)

Source Inventory

-ak240 (running fr 1.09) Best quality source. Just can not justify the 2000 dollar upgrade from the ak100 + tur06. Very good sounding on dsd/high res file. (the transparancy, emotion and level of layers of instrument details are amazing, each instrument separation also feels very sharp), music just flows beautifully. It plays all my song collection very3 good. It is able to drive headphones beautifully up to 300 ohm impedance, more than 300 you need to pair it with an amp. with additional amp you will get less detail in vocal though.
-ak100 stock (running fw 2.4) pair it with glove a1 sound incredibly good. just a little short detail than ak240 especially in vocal on a very good recording like norah jones high res files.. i find instruments sound better in ak100+glove than my ak240. instrument sound more energetic. just like hearing a first pressing mono vinyl record. if you tend to listen more on 16 bit files from rip of cd.. i recommend this glove than the ak240. this more source forgiving than ak240. and make your 16 bit files sound so good.

Cable Inventory

dhc elite limited 8 wire (4 copper litz and 4 silver litz) mini interconnect -best interconnect I have so far. there are so much detail without getting smaller head stage.
venturecraft v7mg1l mini to mini interconnect (smooth vocal with all instrument details present, stage gets smaller more engaging) - broken :(
jaben copper+gold plated mini to mini interconnect (i love its dry vocal, less analytical, balance sounding) - sold
jaben pure copper mini to mini interconnect (very good to tame bright headphones)
jaben pure silver mini to mini interconnect (very good to bring up more details on the dark headphones)

Other Audio Equipment

nokia 360 x 2 (bluetooth speakers stereo set up for my tablet pc + foobar / audiogate application by KORG for dsd playback)

Music Preferences

vocal, modern jazz, pop, acoustics, rock, metal, symphonic rock

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