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1) Work at Pool/Furniture store over the summer.

2) Studying Operations/Logistics at school.

Headphone Inventory

*Current Headphones*

1) Ultrasone 2900 - On the way.

2) Denon D2000 - Great all rounder, and comfortable.

3) Philips Fidelio X1 - Superbly comfortable, and excellent all rounder.

4) Ultrasone 900 - Great when I need a closed back!

*Current In-Ears*

1) Yamaha EPH-100 - My favorite IEM. Wonderful seal and fit with memory foam pads ordered off Ebay.

*Previous Headphones*

D5000- Awesome, but I felt my D2000 was good enough to justify not keeping them both.

TH-900 - Great, but I prefer Denon sound.

Ultrasone Sig DJ - Nice portable unit. Good sound but I prefer comfort and sound of PRO 900 and PRO 2500. Didn't feel it was worth the expense. PRO 900 is my favorite Ultrasone basshead can.

Grado 325i- Didn't like it comfort wise, very very bright, too much treble for me.

V Moda M-100- Weak treble. Pro 900 is well ahead of this headphone to my ears.

Sony XB-700- Bass overwhelms everything.

Beyerdynamic Pro 990 (250 Ohm)- Very detailed. Too much treble (And I like Treble!). Scooped out midrange really badly. It sounded like something was missing. Disappointed with it, but super comfortable.

Grado 60i W/ Senn Pads- Comfortable, but really ugly looking. Feel super cheap. For someone that only has only 70 bucks, it would be hard to top the sound quality. I feel like these are a great introduction to quality sound.

HiFiMan 400- Nice sound, but electronic music sounds way better on my Ultrasones. I listen mainly to electronic, so I didn't find much use for these. Ortho drivers just do not do bass impact like dynamic drivers.

Ultrasone 780- Nice sound, but the Pro Line is much better. The Pro 900 kills it. If I couldn't afford it, this would be a nice alternative. The pleather pads heated up quickly, which was also annoying. The velour pads on the pros stay cool.

Ultrasone Pro 750 - I prefer the 900.

*Previous In-Ears*

Ortofon e-Q5 - Not enough bass.

JVC FXZ-200 - Bass too boomy and poor resolution.

Altec Lansing Backbeat Pro (Comply Tips) - Comply tips save this. Not bad overall, more mid centric sound than I typically prefer.

TF10- Huge buds, bad seal, Awkward cable, good sound but not designed well. Over-rated.

Monster Turbines- I actually quite liked them, but both times the cable broke leading to sound from only one side. Disappointing.

Sennheiser IE8- Really disappointing, just didn't sound good, and were ugly to boot.

T-PEOS H-100 - Kind of weird sounding. Tin-can type sound. Treble was harsh. Left side stopped working, but I didn't like them much anyways.

Headphone Amp Inventory

1) O2/ODAC Combo (Desktop)

2) Venturecraft Go-Dap X (Upgraded LME 10 Ohm) (Portable)

3) Fiio E11


1) Fiio E12 : Nice sound but broke on me!

2) Dragonfly V 1.2 : Preferred my Go-DAP X for better sound. ODAC/O2 also much better.

Source Inventory

Macbook Pro

32 GB Ipod 4G

Cable Inventory

Silver Dragon V1 LOD

*Tried blue and black dragon usb cables, but didn't notice an appreciable difference to sound quality.

Other Audio Equipment

Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 (2 Speakers + Sub)

Music Preferences


1) Chillstep (Blackmill, Crywolf, Seven Lions)

2) Electro-House (Chrizz Luvly, Rocket Pimp, Porter Robinson)

3) BRIAN TRANSEAU (BT) - Favorite Musician


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