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Designer, Woodwork, Social work and everything else that is interesting and meaningful ;)

Headphone Inventory


Philips Fidelio X1 (Van Damme XKE Pro-Patch (TMC paracord sleeve) + Neutrik Rean 3.5mm gold jacks recabling)

Superlux HD-681 (Fran`s mkII hw filter + custom velour pads + Van Damme XKE Pro-Patch dual-entry recabling)

Superlux HD-662F (custom wood re-design/build, custom hw filter + custom velour pads + Van Damme XKE Pro-Patch dual-entry recabling)


Xiaomi Piston IEM ( v2.1 16Ω ) - littlebit ʌ-shaped soundstage and V-shaped FR signature but still has good space, imaging and separation. Good SQ/price/build quality/design value but its former "glory" is faded and with reason - most KZ IEM`s beat them SQ-wise.

T-Peos Popular IEM ( sold ) - too ʌ-shaped soundstage and bassy/boomy(midbass) for my taste.

HAVI B3 Pro1 IEM ( sold ) - great soundstage, imaging and separation. Bass department weak and gave no "lifelike" emotion no matter what tips I used. Probably I had too less power amping those with all the gear I have and thus such results. Didn`t bother to buy portable amp for them and they had to go.

KZ EDSE (gave away) - couldn`t get proper fit and not wear over-ear, littlebit heavy, small diameter lets them move in ear, stuck too far out of ear. Highs have somewhat splashy sound and there`s some sibilance in vocals.
Otherwise great neutral and detailed sounding bang-for-a-buck IEM.

AWEI ES-Q5 wooden (red) (gave away) - small soundstage, poor separation, quite neutral sound.

KZ R35 18Ω (SG-mod) - for price/SQ very good value. With removed g.k stickers + Piston 2.1 tips - sounds very very similar to Piston v2.1. Has harsh highs sometimes without mod (small amount of foam inside nozzles).
Using it while working with machines. Good sound isolation.
Update: I bought with 6$ but price has risen noticeably, so, not so good deal anymore.
Update 2: R.I.P. because I sacrificed its cable for ED10.

KZ ANV - very balanced/neutral/flat sounding, great micro-details in through whole frequency range. Might lack littlebit natural warmth in vocals. Quite hard and fast hitting kicks. Some bass heavy music may lack bass "sustain" and "deepness", probably because of littlebit lack of sub-bass. Requires very good fit and seal. Has short nozzle, so probably double/triple flange longer tips should be used for deep insertion. Heavy weight. Ok quality cable. Imo usable more in "studio monitoring" analytical way, for long-session music enjoyment not so good.
Re-shelled wood-mod: http://cdn.head-fi.org/e/e0/900x9...

KZ ATE (2nd gen (non-S) translucent black with nozzle port holes), FF mod (Oak + green stain + ED9 brass nozzles + IE800 cable). With modified configuration, best KZ IEM so far. Open spacious airy sound, great separation and transparency, very good details and balanced neutral sound with little hint of warmth. Using with PBT2 light-grey smallest silicone tips.
Picture: http://cdn.head-fi.org/d/d2/d21cb...

KZ GR ( sold ) - SQ is quite an disappointment (Black filters - too bassy/muddy, Red filters with hole - too thin sound without body/punch). Build quality is very good though and suits for exchange parts to other IEM`s (filters and cable).
Λ-shaped soundstage, should fit for those who like more intimate sound for oldschool rock for exapmle.

KZ ED9 - Best sound achieved when proper type & amount of foam is added to brass nozzles. Good large soundstage and imaging (soundstage width & separation littlebit inferior to ANV/ATE). Well balanced and pleasant sound with good detail retrieval (with brass nozzles).
Wood + weight reduction + ergonomics + cable mod: http://cdn.head-fi.org/4/48/900x9...

KZ ED10 - In stock configuration - best KZ IEM to date. Modified ATE is littlebit better in mids, better micro-details and has more balanced/neutral sound but overall they are quite similar sounding. Soundstage is basically same.

YINJW ceramic "IE800" - Mid-bass oriented IEM. Despite having good separation, clarity, imaging and soundstage, I found them to cause fatigue from mid-bass. Not for my taste. R.I:P. - sacrificed cable for WOM-mod.

YINJW wooden "IE800" (2014 open back grills version) - in stock configuration very pleasant sound with good details, clarity and imaging. Open, airy soundstage with great separation. Bass is slightly "elevated" over other frequencies but doesn`t sound like basshead IEM and rest of FR is still clear, though low end is littlebit "soft" sounding. After WOM-mod bass got tad "pulled back" and it became more balanced with tighter bass and kick. Bass has ZERO bleed into other FR which I haven`t heard before in cheap IEM. Though, FF-mod ATE bass is slightly tighter, I still enjoy WOM-mod tad more due to better imaging and presentation, also @ high-gain WOM-mod bass gets tightened up. I would describe WOM-mod sound something like ANV combined with ATE, Very natural and lively sound! By fraction over ATE FF-mod, my most favourite single DD IEM (mainly because slightly better sub-bass extension). With changed cable impedance is 18.7 Ohm.
Using with Huawei Honor silicone tips.
WOM-mod pic: http://cdn.head-fi.org/8/8f/8fc9c...

YINJW wooden "IE800" (2015) - Very similar signature and SQ to open-back older wooden version. With some music I can`t make difference but with some more detailed great mastered music I feel like newer version has very slightly less micro-details and resolution but that might be difference of PQ or QC. Still very good IEM for the price. In modified configuration (shorter body with wood backplates under angle and breathing hole) they sound slightly better than in stock but not much difference (similar build to stock). Reducing breathiing hole size affects bass quantity and quality directly, so, one can tune this IEM pretty easily to liking. WOM-mod older version sounds still tad better for my ears and I would choose older version over newer.

Venture Electronics Monk - like everyone says - this is probably best bang-for-buck earbud You`ll get.
Though, I personally don`t get good fit/seal with any earbud, slightly pushing them against ear-canals, showed very good sound. Didn`t make much comparing but they have slightly congested instrument separation in front-middle soundstage, nothing disturbing but I find my WOM-mod Yinjw`s having better spread-out instruments and separation in that area. Atm I decided to remove Monk`s drivers and... well... Monks did a little sin - they did NUN! ;D
VE NUN-mod pic: http://cdn.head-fi.org/1/11/11d56...
Sounds like "full-sized" headphones ;P

Huast H10 - I ordered them only for tips they have and those tips are very good fit for me with large bore opening and angular shape. Though, they have smaller nozzle-tube size than usual ~4,5mm tips, tube is soft and elastic and fits even for 5mm nozzles. Highly recommend to try those tips!
As for IEM itself - spacious soundstage and pretty good separation but highs are too bright/harsh and midrange seems little recessed.

KZ EDR2 - Well balanced FR (very slight V-shape) with no harshness or sibilance in highs. Above average soundstage but lacks little in frontal depth layering and overall SQ resolution. Needs to be used with wide(st) bore
silicone tips and FOAM PIECES from inside nozzles need to be removed to sound best. There are NO holes on back mesh - it is just glued on body, so it`s closed IEM - almost no sound leakage. Super lightweight shells that are probably made of aluminium (MUCH lighter than metal-shells EDSE).
They also get little better when fully open-back or half-open re-shelled.
RBW-mod pic: http://cdn.head-fi.org/0/0c/0c1ad...


HLSX808 - my first DD+BA IEM !
VE Monk+
VE Asura 2


Wish & future upgrade list:
HLSX wood / BK35
MusicMaker TK13
PMV A-01
Trinity Techne
Fidue A73 / UPQ QE50
MEE audio Pinnacle P1
Oriveti Primacy

Headphone Amp Inventory

1) Aune T1 (re-capped with ELNA SilmicII)
2) iBasso DX50 @ mid-gain (re-capped with Panasonic FC)
3) ELE EL-D02 (TDA1308) (re-capped with ELNA SilmicII + Panasonic FR)
Re-shelled with wood: http://cdn.head-fi.org/6/66/6610a...

Future upgrade plan: Chord Mojo

Source Inventory

1) Aune T1 DAC (SS BB-PCM1793 + Tube buffer)
2) iBasso DX50 (WM8740) (Sound Unlocked 1.3.3 FW @ FLAC-only / CPU default / IIR off)
3) ELE EL-D02 (SS BB-PCM2704) (re-capped with ELNA SilmicII + Panasonic FR)
Re-shelled with wood: http://cdn.head-fi.org/6/66/6610a...

Main tubes for Aune T1 DAC:

5x Siemens E88CC (GØ 1≠ 6A / GØ 1≠ 5L / EØ 1≠ 6A, grey plates, o-ring getter, gold pins)
Amperex 6GM8/ECC86 (⊿8J5, orange globe logo)
2x Ultron SQ PCC189/7ES8 (DJF V3B, Bharat India, gold label)
Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88 (GAC ⊿9F3, single support leg dimpled disc getter, orange globe logo)
Siemens PCC189 (IP1 B7C3, Blackburn)
2x Ultron PCC189/7ES8 (50402, white label)
Amperex 6DJ8 (GA8 ⊿0F3, A-frame, PQ orange shield logo)
5x Miniwatt-Dario ECC189 (|X1 ±2L4 .. , Chartres France, yellow "shield" logo)
Siemens PCC88/7DJ8 (≠2J)
2x Miniwatt-Dario PCC189 (IP9 ⊿9F1)
Mullard ECC88 (GAG ⊿5D2, newer shield logo)
2x JAN Sylvania 6922 (82219 EAD 7002, US, green label)
6H1N-EB (Voskhod, double wire supported "cup" getter)
6N23P (Reflector, V 72)
Pinnacle PCC85 (dark grey top glass, relabeled & uncoded, very very good!)
2x GE JAN 6BQ7A (green label, o-ring getter with glowing wire under it)
Tesla E88CC (37 white label, grey plate, O-ring getter, 101 U2 W4 crossed swords)
Tesla E88CC (32 yellow label, grey plate, O-ring getter, red tip glass, gold pins)

and lot of other good tubes... over 70 tubes ;)

Aune T1 upgrades:

Headphone amp board coupling capacitors > ELNA SilmicII 47uF 50V
Headphone amp board rail voltage capacitors > ELNA SilmicII 470uF 25V
Secondary power supply capacitors > ELNA SilmicII 470uF 25V
Main power supply capacitors > Panasonic FR 3300uF 25V
CMC gold plated OFC pins ceramic tube socket + CMC PCB socket adapter

iBasso DX50 upgrades:

HO coupling capacitors - Panasonic FC 220uF 10V
LO capacitors - Panasonic FC 100uF 10V
HO decoupling capacitor - Panasonic POSCAP 220uF 10V (10TPE220MIL)
LO differential amp decoupling capacitor - Panasonic POSCAP 100uF 6.3V (6TPE100MI)
DAC analog power supply decoupling caps - Panasonic POSCAP 100uF 6.3V (6TPE100MI)
HO opamps - ADA4897-1ARZ (coming soon)
LO opamp - ADA4841-2YRZ (in future plans)

Future upgrade plan: Chord Mojo

Cable Inventory

Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE Pro-Patch

Other Audio Equipment

1) AKAI AA-V12DPL receiver/amp from 1996. Capacitor overhaul: Nichicon KG, Nichicon FW, Nichicon KA and lot of Panasonic FC`s. Result - very good SQ!
Was worth replacing cheap old Samwha capacitors ;)

2) cheap modified UON HT-3010 2.1 PC system

Music Preferences

The Mars Volta, TOOL, A Perfect Circle, Omar Rodríguez-López, Karnivool, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Dead Letter Circus, Tesseract, Sanguine Hum, David Barrett Trio, Ampacity, Djam Karet, Disperse, Alt-J, Lunatic Soul, Fever Ray, Riverside, Nine Inch Nails, Animals as Leaders, Klone, Periphery, Closure in Moscow, Caligula`s Horse, Destiny Potato, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Katatonia, Deftones, Bloc Party, Radiohead, The Olivia Tremor Control, Indukti, Temple of Thieves, Mutemath, Sigur Ros, Monuments, Opus of A Machine, Beardfish, Estas Tonne, Puscifer, Silversun Pickups, Thank You Scientist, 10 Years, Leprous, Failure, GoGo Penguin, Eivind Aarset, Atoms for Peace, Between buried and Me, Eidola, Sunset in The 12th House, Uneven structure, The Joy Formidable, Mushroomhead, Kaya Project, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Martin Grech, The Circulatory System, Crosses, Lamb, Curve, Ganesh Rao, Chris Isaak, Wye Oak, Wardruna, Evaline, Jericco, Yoav, Thom Yorke, Klaxons, M83, DubFX, Ez3kiel, Skyharbor, Eleven Tigers, Korn, Eskmo, Filter, Origami Sound, Finley Quaye, O. Children, Nick Drake, Pantha Du Prince, Rammstein, Caribou, Moderat, Metallica, Bonobo, Dream Theater, 65 days of static, Anathema, Aromabar, Bahamas, Audioslave, Bat for Lashes, Type O Negative, Burial, PJ Harvey, Apparat, Blood Command, Boards of Canada, Cinematic Orchestra, Effigy, Friendly Fires, Hooverphonic, Gonzales, How to Destroy Angles, Ital Tek, Arvo Pärt, TV on The Radio, Paolo Nutini, Glass Animals, Blood Red Shoes etc.

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Accessories for iBasso DX50:
* 2x 64GB ADATA Premier mSDXC UHS-I CL10
* Mini Audio silicone cover (black)
* KINPS 3150mAh (white/orange/purple sticker) battery (Samsung S3 i9300).
Lasts ~14h40min with DX50.
* M3 Vikuiti DQCT130 screen protector

Dell E4200 @ heavily tweaked W7Ux64 for audio equipment use.

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