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Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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on 1/3/17

About Me:

I am married with two kids. Once a nuke bubblehead in the USN, now a paid computer geek.

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Cars, firearms and shooting, camping, hi-fi, computers.

What I do for a living:

I am a Data Center Enterprise Architect for Cerner, running >30% of US health care from our DCs.

Headphone Inventory


JH Audio Roxannes
Shure E500-PTH
Ultimate Ears TripleFi's
Many other <$150 pairs


Audeze LCD3 (pre-fazor)
Audeze LCD-XC
Oppo PM-1s
Hifiman HE-500s
Sennheiser HD-800 (bal)
Sony MDR-7506
Sony MDR-XB1000
Ultrasone 900

*"on the way"
**"working on purchasing right now"

Headphone Amp Inventory

Oppo HA-1
Schiit Valhalla
Schiit Mjolnar
Hifiman EF-5
Fiio E17
Fiio E09K
Fiio E7
Pioneer Elite SC-68
Pioneer 47TXi
Onkyo 3008

Source Inventory

Sony ZX1
Pioneer Elite 47Ai
Pioneer Elite BDP-62FD
Onkyo DV-HD805
Toshiba HD-XA2
iPod 160GB Classic x3
iPod Touch 4th 64GB x2
iPod Nano 6th 16GBx4 (great watches)
Zune G1 30GB
Zune G2 80GB
Various desktops, laptops, and tablets w/ various apps (+JRiver)

DACs/AMP/Receiver Sources
Fiio E17
Fiio E7
Oppo HA-1
Pioneer Elite SC-68
Pioneer 49TXi
Onkyo 3008
Many other Onkyo's from 809-607 and a bunch in between
many other standard BR, DVD, CD, and HD-DVD players

Cable Inventory

Not really into upgrading cables past quality built functional applying the rules I learned in EE for analog cables to assure proper GA for length so as not to add too much to resistance, maybe upgraded cables make more of a difference, but as I haven't tried cables worth more than a couple of hundred, I can't say.

Power-Related Components

A bunch of commercial APCC and Belkin HT UPS'es for clean, well regulated and monitored power sources

Other Audio Equipment

Proceed AMP5
Aragon 4004
Acurus A250
some others

Veritas 2.8 x2
Veritas 2.2 x3
Veritas 2.0R x2
Veritas 2.0C

DefTech BP2000TL L/R
DefTech BP7006 L/R
DefTech CLR3000 C
DefTech CLR2500 C
DefTech CLR2002 C
DefTech CLR2000 C
DefTech BPVX side L/R
DefTech BPX rear L/R
DefTeck BP2X wide L/R
DefTech BP1.2X x4 height LL/RR

Energy Conn C-6 L/R (1990ish Canadian made)
Energy Conn C-2 rear L/R (1990ish Canadian made)
Energy AC300 Center (1990ish Canadian made)
Energy Take5 sets x3

Atlantic Technology 2400 L/R
Atlantic Technology 2200 L/R
Atlantic Technology 2200C Center
Atlantic Technology 2200 Surr L/R
some other stuff

Klipsch RW12D x2
Def Tech SuperCube I
Energy S10.3
Mirage BPS-150i
few others

Music Preferences

All genre's except most country and all Tejano

Interests (non-headphone)

I have been building computers and programming since I was 10 (now my career). Part time auto-mechanic since I was 12, worked as a line tech in a dealership for a couple of years. I am into cars generally speaking as well (Audi mainly); I love Top Gear, those are the kinds of cars I enjoy. I was in the Navy as a Nuclear Electrician on a sub, and I am still interested in nuclear power as a concept and continue to learn and study about advances in the field. My degree was in computer and electrical engineering at the University of Texas @ Austin. I enjoy shooting rifle, pistol, and shotgun and have a decent collection of firearms, and I compete in NSCA(National Sporting Clays Association. I also went through a knife phase and have a collection of several hundred blades (that I need to liquidate). I have been into home and portable hi-fi since I was about 8, initially buying broken electronics from garage sales and fixing them so that I could get what I would otherwise not be able to afford.

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

My Audi S6, A6, and 6spd S4 cabrio. Have had CTS-V, CLK63 AMG, RS4 (my FAVORITE), another S4, another A6, Harley Softwail heritage (2005), and several others. My firearms and blades, not gonna list those here.

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