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Cross Country

Headphone Inventory

┗■┓ Current Headphones & IEMs
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Sennheiser HD800 (SN 25XXX)
Master & Dynamic MH40
Dunu DN-2000
Ultimate Ears TF-10
FAD Heaven IV
Dunu Titan 1
Rock Jaw Acero (Beta)
Beats Pro
Dunu DN-900
RHA T10i
Brainwavz HM9
Sennheiser Momentum On Ear (Sold)
Brainwavz S5
Rock Jaw Alfa Genus
MEElectronics Atlas
Hisound BA-100
MEElectronics A151P
Noontec Zoro
Apple Earpods
HiSound PAA-1 Pro
Monoprice 8320
HiSound E212

┗■┓ Past Headphones and IEMs
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Monster Jamz (Sold)
Beats Pro (Sold)
Monster Turbine (Sold)
Sennheiser IE8 (Traded)
Ultimate Ears TF-10 (Traded)
Aurisonics ASG-1 Rev.1.2 (Traded)
Brainwavz B2 (Sold)
Rhapsodio RDB v1 (Loan)
Rhapsodio RDB 2v1 (Loan)
Sony MH1C (Traded)
Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (Traded)
Sony EX1000 (Loan)
Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition (Sold)
Sennheiser HD600 (Sold)
Astrotec AX-60 (Loan)
Vsonic GR07 MKII (Traded)
T-Peos H-100 KG (Traded)
Tralucent 1plus2 (Loan)
Onkyo IE-HF300 (Sold)
Astrotec AX7 (Sold)
HiSound E303 (Gift)
Sennheiser HD25 -1 II (Traded)
Unique Melody Miracle (Sold)
RHA MA750 (Gift)
Beyerdynamic DT1350 (Traded)
Fostex T50RP (Sold)
Earsonics SM3 v2 (Loan)
Alessandro MS1 AluMod (Sold)
T-Peos H-300 (Loan)
Dunu DN-1000 (Sold)
Noble 4 (Loan)
HiFiMAN HE-500 (Sold)
Fischer FA-003 (Sold)
SoundMAGIC HP200 (Sold)
Astrotec AX35 (Sold)
Fischer FA-011 (Sold)
Noble Audio PR (Loan)
Audiofly AF140 (Loan)
T-Peos H-100 II (Loan)
Sennheiser HD700 (Traded)
Sennheiser HD800 Anax 2.0 (SN 10XXX) (Loan)
Audiofly AF140 (Loan)
MrSpeakers Alpha Dog (Sold)
Audio Technica AD900 (Traded)
Philips Fidelio X1 (Traded)
Shure SE215 (Sold)
Westone 4 (Sold)
Vsonic GR07 (Sold)
Denon AH-D5000 (OCC Copper Recable) (Sold)
Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ω (Sold)
JH Audio Roxanne Universal (Loan)
HiFiMAN HE-500 (Traded)
Beyerdynamic T90 (Sold)
T-Peos Altone200 (Loan)
Sennheiser HD800 (SN10XXX) (Sold)
V-Moda M80 (Sold)
Sony MH-EX300AP (Gift)
Fostex TH-900 (Loan)
Beats Studio 2.0 (Returned)
Sennheiser PX200 (Broke)
HiSound E350 (Lost)
HiFiMAN HE-400i (Traded)
Shure SE846 (Sold)

Headphone Amp Inventory

┗■┓ Current Amplifiers
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Beta22 (3 Channel)
Talisman T-35HP
Matrix M-Stage
iBasso D-Zero MKII
Brainwavz AP001

┗■┓ Past Amplifiers
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Spider Mini Amp (Gift)
Shozy Amp (For Review Only)
Rhapsodio K2 Amp (Loan)
Fiio E6 (Broken)
Tralucent T1 (Loan)
Project Palaios Iona (Sold)
Matrix M-Stage OPA627 (Sold)
digiZoid ZO2 (Sold)
Leckerton Audio UHA760 (Loan)
Neco Soundlabs Portable V3 (Sold)
Fiio E11 (Sold)
Fiio E6 (Sold)
Epiphany Acoustics EHP-02 (Sold)
Schiit Lyr (Sold)
Beta22 w/ Sigma22 Power Supply (4 Channel) (Loan)
Violectric V200 (Sold)
SMSL SAP-5 (Sold)

Source Inventory

┗■┓ Current Sources
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
CS4398 DAC/Amp
Dell XPS 8700 Desktop
HP ENVY H8 Desktop
iBasso DX90
iBasso D-Zero MKII
Sony Xperia Z2
Sansa Clip+

┗■┓ Past Sources
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Samsung Galaxy S2 (Gone)
Cowon X7 160GB (Sold)
iBasso/Hibino Intersound HDP-R10 (Sold)
HiFiMAN HM-700 (Gift)
Firestone Spitfire DAC (Sold)
Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus (Sold)
Sansa Clip Zip (Sold)
Fiio X3 (Loan)
Fiio X5 (Loan
Audiolab M-DAC (Traded)
LH Labs Geek Out 1000 (Sold)
Aune T1 (Sold)
Astell & Kern AK100 (Loan)
iBasso DX50 (Gift)
Kogan MP4 Player (Sold)
Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation (Sold)
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Gone)

Cable Inventory

┗■┓ Current Cables
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
DHC Complement Custom 8-Wire 22AWG Silver Peptide HD800 Cable
Van Den Hul The First Ultimate MKII
Chord SilverPlus USB Cable
6N SPC Shure IEM Cable
AudioQuest Cinnamon USB Cable
AudioQuest Evergreen RCA Cable
DIY Toxic Cables Scorpion Cables
DIY SPC 6N OCC Mini-Mini Cable
DIY OCC Silver 1/4 - 3.5mm Adapter
Grado 1/4 - 3.5mm Adapter

┗■┓ Past Cables
 ┗■ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Dark Lord TF-10 Cable (Sold)
Toxic Cables 8-Wire Hybrid Silver/Copper (Sold)
DIY SPC 5N OFC Mini-Mini 3.5mm Cable (Sold)
DIY SPC 6N OCC Mini-Mini 3.5mm Cable (Sold)
Rhapsodio Crystal Cable (Loan)
Toxic Cables Silver Poison IEM Cable (Loan)
Tralucent Silver/Gold MKII (Loan)
Beat Audio Supernova (Sold)
Beat Audio Titan (Sold)
Moon Audio Blue Dragon (Traded)
Toxic Cables Silver Poison (Sold)
Artemis Cables Silver (Sold)
Forza AudioWorks FAW Noir HPC (Sold)
DIY ALO Copper Mini-Mini Cable (Sold)
Audiominor SPC LOD (Sold)
Blue Dragon Balanced HD800 Cable (Sold)
Wireworld Eclipse 6 HD800 Cable (Sold)
AudioQuest Golden Gates RCA Cable (Sold)
Crystal Cable Piccolo RCA Cables (Sold)

Power-Related Components

Isotek EVO3 Polaris
Oyaide Power Cables

Other Audio Equipment

Audioengine A2

Music Preferences

♫ ─ In Order Of Preference ─♫
- Pop
- Country
- Rap
- Rock
- Classical
- Electronic

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