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Headphone Inventory

HiFiMAN HE-560s & HE-500s
Philips X2
AKG K550s
AKG Q701s
Grado SR225s

Briefly owned:
Sennheiser HD 650s
AKG K712 Pros

Headphone Amp Inventory

Schiit Lyr
JDS Labs C5

Source Inventory

Schiit Bifrost Uber + Gen 2 USB
HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC + USB Isolator
Schiit Wyrd
Schiit SYS
Emotiva XPS-1
JVC AL-FQ5 turntable with "AT92DSH AT92E Cartridge w/Shibata JICO Brand Needle" from turntableneedles.com
Rockbox'd iPod 160 GB Classic

Cable Inventory

DIY cables for both HiFiMAN cans and Q701s using 100/46 type 2 Litz wire in paracord and braided

DIY interconnects for Stack o' Schiit + XPS-1: 3 pairs using 100/46 type 2 Litz wire in generic tubing with Platinum Grey Techflex covera and Rean RCA plugs

PC-to-Wyrd: A purtty Amazon USB that glows blue at the ends ;-)
Wyrd-to-Bifrost: Ziotek 1-ft. USB Shortys™ USB 2.0

Old Stuff in a Basket:
Redco Mogami mini-quad cable for Q701s - chopped up for DIY interconnects
More Mogami W2799
PYST RCA for Brifrost to Lyr x 2, since first pair was defective; fixed first, got a second for free
AudioQuest Golden Gate 3.5mm-to-RCA
Bits & Pieces

plusSound Echo Series cable (Cryo Treated Type 2 Litz Copper) for HiFiMAN - SOLD

Audio-Related Tweaks

Homemade Magick Monkey pads for HE-560s & HE-500s
HE-560 pads from HiFiMAN foam salvaged from making jergpads
HE-500 pads from butchered Q701 pads
Both pads angled and covered with the sweetest microsuede from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores

Brainwavz HM5 Memory Foam Velour Pads with red Creatology adhesive foam mounting rings for Fidelio X2s; double-stacked black Creatology adhesive foam mounting ring attachments for stock pads for extra room

jerg's grill, pad and felt mods for HE-500s; pads not used much

jerg's HE-560s Enhancements, except the pads

Badass acrylic PC fan grills on HE-560s and HE-500s

Bass port mod (port covered with spongy foam squares) and wool felt driver rings for Q701s

Music Preferences

Stuff that makes my ears drool.

Interests (non-headphone)

I don't understand this section...

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