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Headphone Inventory

In Ear: Primary (No Real Order)

Rhapsodio RDB Mini - 3 Way ( Hybrid ) ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
T-Peos Altone200 - 3 Way ( Hybrid )
T-Peos H-300 - 3 Way ( Hybrid )
Etymotic Research ER4S
Havi B3 Pro-1
Dunu DN-1000 - 3 Way ( Hybrid )
Shure SE215

In Ear Secondary:

Sony XBA-40 / Silver (sold)
Hifiman RE-400B (Balanced) (sold)
Brainwavs S5
Monster Turbine Pro Copper (sold)
Ostry - KC06 (sold)
Tralucent 1Plus2 (Version 1) - 3 Way ( Hybrid ) (sold)
Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 (sold)
Head-Direct RE0 (sold)
Brainwavs R3 (Dual Dynamic) (gone)
Dunu DN-900
T-Peos H-100J
T-Peos H-200 - 3 Way ( Hybrid ) (sold)
Hisoundaudio BA100
Westone 4 Quad Driver (sold)
Sony XBA-3 Triple BA (sold)
VSonic GR01 (sold)
Westone 4R (sold)
Rhapsodio RDB+ v1 ( Hybrid ) (sold)
Vsonic GR07 MK2 (sold)
T-Peos H-100KG (sold)
Hisound Wooduo 2 (sold)
Rockit R-50 (sold)
Earsonics SM3 v2 (sold)
Aurisonics ASG-1 v1.2 (sold)
Brainwavs B2 (sold)
Sony MH1C (sold)
Monster Jamz (sold)
Klipsch Image X10 (sold)
Westone 3 (sold)
Sony MDR EX600 (sold)
Yamaha EPH-100 (sold)
Monster Miles Davis Tributes (sold)
Atrio M5 MG7 driver (the horror) (sold)
Hippo VB (sold)
JVC HA-FX1X (sold)
Phillips SHE3580
Phillips SHE9700
MEElectronics M31P (sold)
Monoprice 8320 (MEP-933)
Monster Turbine (sold)
SoundMAGIC E10
SoundMAGIC PL11 (sold)
Sony MDR-EX300LP (sold)
Sennheiser CX 300 ii (sold)
Visang RO2 (sold)


Goldring DR150
Shure SRH840
Takstar Hi2050
Klipsch Image ONE
Yamaha PRO500
Beyerdynamic DT880 (250ohm) (sold)
Shure SHR940
Sennheiser HD25-1 ii (sold)
Shure SHR440
Sennheiser HD 280 (sold)
Takstar PRO-80 (sold)
Grado SR80i (sold)
Yamaha HPH-MT220 (sold)
Beyerdynamic DT-1350 (sold)
Vmoda M-80 (sold)
Sony MDR-1R (sold)
Audio Technica: ATH-AD700 (sold)
Yamaha HPH-200 (sold)
Ultrasone DJ1 (sold)
Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (sold)
Sony MDR-V6
Koss Pro DJ100 (sold)
Shure SHR-750DJ (sold)
Sony MDR-V700
Sony MDR-XB500 (sold)
Sennheiser HD-202 (sold)

Auditioned at length:

Noble 6 (Universal)
Rooth LS-X5 ( 5-driver Hybrid )
Philips Fidelio S2
Dunu-DN-2000 ( Hybrid )
Sony CD900ST
Rhapsodio RDB V3 ( Hybrid )
Sony H3 ( Hybrid )
Audeze LCD-2
Sennheiser HD600
Noble 4 (Universal)
Lear BD4.2 ( Hybrid )
Unique Melody 3X (Hybrid)
KEF M-200 (Dual Dynamic)
Dunu DN-1000 - 3 Way ( Hybrid )
(Version 1) 1Plus2 ( Tralucent / silver cable)
Vision Ears Stage: 2,3,4
Astrotec AX60 - 3 Way ( Hybrid )
Sony EX1000
Aurisonics ASG-2
(Version 2) Tralucent 1Plus2 - 3 Way ( Hybrid ) (silver/gold cable)
Ocharaku Flat 4 Sui
RDB+ 2v1 - 3 Way ( Hybrid )
Vsonic VC1000
Heir 3Ai

Headphone Amp Inventory

Line5 Portable Amp
Topping NX1 (sold)
Schiit Magni (sold)
JDS - Objective 2 (sold)
Aune T1 (Golden Lion 6922/E88CC tube)
Tralucent DacAmp One (Audition)
Leckerton UHA760 (Audition)
JDS C421 (OPA2227)
JDS C5 Portable Amp (Audition)
Shozy PX-M1 Portable Amp (Audition)
Panda P&D Portable Amp
Project Palaios Lona (Audition)
Tralucent T1 (Audition)
C&C BH Portable Headphone Amp (sold)
Hippo Box+ (sold)
Fiio E5 (sold)
Fiio E10 (sold)
Fiio E11 (sold)
JDS Labs CmoyBB v2.03 (sold)

Source Inventory

Kogan MP4 Player (8GB + 32GB SD Card)
Creative Zen (4GB + 32GB SD Card)
iBasso DX90 (Audition)
iPod Video (30gb / Rockbox)
Hifiman HM-700 (sold)
iPod Touch 5G - 16GB
Sansa Clip Zip (4GB + 32GB SD Card)
Stoner Acoustics UD110 v2 (USB DAC) (sold)
Sony NWZ-F806 32GB Black
FiiO X5 (Audition)
Studio V 3RD ANV (4GB + 23GB SD Card) (sold)
iPod Touch 4G - 8GB
iBasso DX50 (8GB + 32GB SD Card)
Xuelin IHIFI 760 (8GB+ 32GB SD Card) (sold)
Cowon J3 (16GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
Studio V 2nd Edition (4GB + 32GB SD Card)
iPod Video 5.5 Generation Black 80GB (sold)
Hisound Rocco BA (4GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
Sansa Fuze v2 (4GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
Hifiman HM-601 (8GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
Colorfly CK4+ (8GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
Colourlfy C3 (4GB + 32GB SD Card)
Cowon C2 (16GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
Cowon D2+ (16GB + 32GB SD card) (sold)
4GB SanDisk Fuze+ (16GB SD Card) (sold)
Cowon S9 (32GB) (V-2.53) (sold)
2GB SanDisk Sansa Clip+ (64GB SD CARD) (Rockbox 3.13)
iPod Nano 1G - 2GB (Rockbox 3.10)
iPod Mini 1G - 4GB (Rockbox 3.10)
iPod Mini 2G - 8GB CF Mod (Rockbox 3.11) (sold)
iPod Touch 2G - 8GB (sold)
Sony Media Player Walkman NWZ-A828 - 8GB (sold)
Creative MuVu - V100 2GB
Sony MD Walkman MZ-R501

Cable Inventory

Ghentaudio RCA to 3.5mm 4N-OFC
Onest11 Silver Plated Interconnect
5N OCC Silver Plated Upgrade Cable (Westone)
Tralucent Pure Silver Cable (Orignal v1 Edition) (sold)
6N OFHC Silver Plated Custom Cable (Westone)
Silver Plated 7N OFC Custom cable (H-200) (sold)
Alloy Silver Custom Cable (H-200) (sold)
Onest11 Pure Silver mini to mini Interconnect
Furutech Ultimate Ears upgrade cable
Dark Lord upgrade cable (TF10) (sold)
Canare mini to mini interconnect. (sold)
Copper Canare LOD
Streetwiresz2 mini to mini interconnect (sold)
SMSL Silver Plated mini to mini interconnect
OCC 8 Braid Copper IEM cable (RDB+) (sold)
6N OFHC Silver Plated Upgrade Cable (RDB+) (sold)
6N OFHC Silver Plated Upgrade Cable (TF10) (sold)

Music Preferences

Main Genres: Dubstep / Electronic / DnB / Ambient / 80's / RnB / Hip hop / Acoustic / Folk / Pop

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