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About Me:

College student (studying things!), electronic music producer, audiophile!

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Anime and Audio and Anime and Audio and Anime and Coffeeeeeeee and things

What I do for a living:

Audio mastering, and lots of other geeky things.

Headphone Inventory

Sennheiser HD800 (stock, balanced funch Cardas cable)
Meze 99 Classics (GREAT headphones for gobs of detail and well-balanced sound for under $1k, portable to boot, highest resolution of any dynamic in the price range)
Phillips Fidelio L2 (best headphones under $500ish for tight, extended, fun EDM bass and tingly treble)
Fostex T50RP mk3 mod ("Coolpants", neutral tuning, funch cable)

Sennheiser HD650 (Sold on eBay)
V-Moda M-80 (Sold on eBay)
Fidue A73 hybrid IEMs (Traded to a Head-Fi'er)
Audio-Technica M40x (Returned)
Sennheiser Momentum (Over-ear) [Sold to a Head-Fi'er]
Audio-Technica AD900x [Sold to a Head-Fi'er]
Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium (600 ohm) [Sold to a Head-Fi'er]
Sennheiser HD580 (650 grills and pads) [Sold to a Head-Fi'er]
Symphones Magnum X (Traded to a friend)
Martin Logan Mikros 70 (Traded to a friend)
Ultrasone Proline 2500 (Traded to a Head-Fi'er)
Phillips Fidelio X2 (Traded to a Head-Fi'er)
Sennheiser HD25 (Velour pads) [Traded to a Head-Fi'er]
Audio-Technica ESW9 (Sold to Head-Fi'er)
Sennheiser HD280 Pro (need to re-solder voice coils) [Trashed]
Sennheiser CX300B mkII (Given to friend)
Ultrasone HFI-580 (Given to a friend)
Koss PortaPro (Given to friend)
Grado SR225i (various mods) [Sold to a Head-Fi'er]
Sennheiser HD595 (inner grill removed) [Sold to a Head-Fi'er]

Headphone Amp Inventory

Schiit Audio Jotunheim
Sony Xperia Z3 HO out

Audio-gd Phoenix (Sold on eBay)
McIntosh MAC1700 vintage receiver (Sold on eBay)
Pioneer SX-780 vintage reciever [Sold locally]
Manley LAB 100 monoblocks [Sold locally]
Schiit Asgard 2 (Tradede to a Head-Fi'er)
HiFiMan EF2A (Mullard CV4010 tubes) (Given to a friend)
FiiO E11 (Sold to a Head-Fi'er)
Schiit Asgard (Sold to a Head-Fi'er)
Asus Xonar Essence ST (Sold to a Head-Fi'er)
Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 inbuilt amp (a little crappier)
FiiO E6 (Given to friend)
FiiO E9 (Given to cousin)
FiiO E10 (Given to friend)

Source Inventory

Gustard U12 > Emotiva Stealth DC-1
Gustard U12 > Abbas Audio DAC0.1
Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone

Wyred4Sound DAC2 (vanilla, Sold on eBay)
Teac UD-H01 DAC (Sold on eBay)
Essence ST DAC (Sold to a Head-Fi'er)

Cable Inventory

Blue Jeans RCA cables
Mogami XLR cables
14-gauge Tripp-lite power cords
A random Pangea power hose

Power-Related Components

Furman M-8x^2 power conditioner
Panamax PM5300 Power Conditioner (HT rig)
IsoTek Neoplug audiophile recording studio voodoo noise-catching device

Other Audio Equipment

Kodibuntu HTPC > Gustard U12 audio interface > Abbas Audio DAC0.1 > Rotel RC-1580 preamplifier > Murano Audio P-500S class-D IcePower monoblocks > Tannoy DC6Ti tower speakers

Audio-Related Tweaks

Elephant Ear Washer
Acoustic treatment, you dummy.

Music Preferences

Nominally, anything except country. More specifically... Drum 'n' Bass, Jungle, and it's subgenres, Jazz, Classical, 'regular' non-screamy metal, psytrance, trance, industrial, deep house, Drill 'n' Bass/IDM/experimental/callitwhatever, Infected Mushroom (I mean, might as well be their own genre, right?)

Interests (non-headphone)

Anime, music, audio production, high-end audio, music composition, computers, sometimes light PC water-cooling, occasional PC gaming

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Samsung 50J5200 TV
Pioneer Elite Blu-ray player
Sony Xperia Z3
Sony Playstation One
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Gamecube #2 (with component output)
Crappy Toshiba laptop [with old Ubuntu]
Less-crappy Dell laptop [with newer Ubuntu]
The Custom PC

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