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About Me:

★That Little Getaway That Only Good Music Can Create★
♪Walkman® Love Music 音楽を愛するすべての人へ。

What I do for a living:

Web Developer

Headphone Inventory

【最近の愛用ポータブルプレーヤー/Portable DAP that I am infatuated with recently...】
Lotoo PAW Gold
( ˘ ³˘)

【最近の愛用イヤホン/Inner-Ear Monitors that I am infatuated with recently...】
♡1台目 (Dita Audio × D.Bespoke Answer Truth Brass Edition)
♡2台目 (Oriolus Audio Oriolus 2nd Generation)
♡3台目 (DZAT DF-10)

【最近の愛用ヘッドホン/Headphones that I am infatuated with recently...】
♡1台目 (Audio Technica ATH-AD1000PRM)
♡2台目 (Audio Technica ATH-A900Ti)
♡3台目 (Sony MDR-SA5000)

【最近の愛用ポタアン/PHP Amplifier that I am infatuated with recently...】
Headphonia Headstage Arrow 5P
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

Here are some Japanese audio terms that I may occasionally use to describe my own gears or listening demo auditions.
Explanation taken from 音の特性 Audio-Technica's Headphone Navi Glossary: https://www.audio-technica.co.jp/...

「カマボコ」 - A Mid-centric sound signature, read as Kamaboko
「フラット」 - A Flat, neutral-based sound signature
「ドンシャリ」 - A V-shaped like sound signature with attenuated bass/treble response, read as Don-shari
「シャリシャリ」 - An Emphasized treble response, read as Shari-Shari

【所有オーディオ機器/My Current Setup Rig】
Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV 【50th Anniversary Limited Edition 限定版】
Audio-Technica ATH-W5000
Sony MDR-SA5000
Sony MDR-CD2000
Sony MDR-CD900ST

◆Inner-Ear Monitors & Portable Earbuds:
Cyras Inc/Oriolus Audio Oriolus 2nd Generation
Dita Audio × D.Bespoke Answer Truth Brass Edition 【Only 20 sets ever released, Limited Edition 限定版】
Dita Audio Answer Truth Edition (Matte Gold)
Dita Audio Answer Truth Edition (Satin Black)
Audio-Technica ATH-CK100PRO
Audio-Technica ATH-CK100
Audio-Technica ATH-CK10
Audio-Technica ATH-CK9
Audio-Technica ATH-CM700Ti
Astell & Kern AKR02 【in collaboration with Final Audio Design, Limited Edition 限定版】
Final Audio Design FI-DO7SS 8.5mm DD (Rare, non-commercial model based on official DIY-kit by Final)
Final Audio Design × iriver ICP-AT500 Pure Gold
Final Audio Design × iriver ICP-AT1000 White
Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS
Final Audio Design Heaven S (aka FI-BA-SB)
Final Audio Design Heaven IV (aka FI-HE4BWH White)
Final Audio Design Piano Forte IX (aka FI-PF9DSS3 / New Revision Model)
Final Audio Design Piano Forte IX (aka FI-DC1602SS / Old Revision Model)
Final Audio Design Piano Forte I (Headphone Mook 2011 Exclusive Model)
Sony MDR-EX800ST (paired w/RK-EX1000LP 1.2m original replacement cables)
Sony MDR-NC300D
Sony MDR-NC100D
Sony MDR-E931LP
Green House GH-ERC-DMS
Shozy Zero

Headphone Amp Inventory

◆DACs & Headphone Amplifiers:
Fostex HP-A8
Korg DS-DAC-100m
Kojo Technology KM01-BRASS
Headphonia Headstage Arrow 5P
Todd The Vinyl Junkie TTVJ Slim Portable

Source Inventory

◆PC/UMPC Transports & Portable DAPs:
My Self-DIYed Desktop PC
NEC LaVie X LX850/JS (One of the few 15.6" Ultrabooks that weighs 1.5kg and measures only 12.8mm)
Sharp Willcom D4 WS016SH (Slider-based x86 UMPC that weighs under 460grams)
Sony VAIO P Series VGN-P90NS (Clamshell-based x86 UMPC that weighs under 600grams)
Lotoo PAW Gold
Sony WALKMAN ZX Series NW-ZX100
Sony WALKMAN ZX Series NW-ZX1/GD 【Mobile Suit Gundam U.C.0093 to U.C.96 Ver. Model Limited Edition 限定版】
Sony WALKMAN S Series NW-S706F
Sony WALKMAN NW-HD5 (still alive in great shape after serving loyally for 10 years and counting...)

Cable Inventory

Various Audio-Technica Interconnect Cables
Oyaide Continental 5S V1 USB Cable
Sony WM-PORT LOD cable CCSag-WM by Similar Tech DIRIGENT Red Label HD
Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Piccolo Diamond Series 3.5mm mini-RCA
Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Micro Diamond Series 3.5mm mini-mini
Dita Audio Truth custom made by Van den Hul 3.5mm mini-mini
Kojo Technology KM01-OP1 3.5mm mini-mini
Acoustic Revive REC-130SH-R for MMCX - 3.5mm TRS
PWAudio 5th Anniversary No.5 OCC Copper Litz Cable for CIEM 2pin - 3.5mm TRS
Effect Audio Mars Gold-plated UPOCC Silver Cable for CIEM 2pin - 3.5mm TRS
Astell & Kern PEF23 Crystal Cable Next Portable Cable for CIEM 2pin - 2.5mm TRRS

Power-Related Components

Zonotone 6N2P-3.0 Meister

Other Audio Equipment

Nakamura Nice Sound AClear Porta NXT-1

Music Preferences

I listen to mostly anything nowadays, but I don't tend to listen to genres such as Metal/Progressive Rock much. I'm personally a huge fan of works by composers/artists such as Nobuo Uematsu, Naoki Sato, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taro Hakase, Yugo Kanno, Yoko Kanno, Ai Otsuka, Akino Arai, Chara, Emi Fujita, ELISA, FLOWER (of E-girls) Hiroko Shimabukuro, JUJU, Maaya Sakamoto, Mika Nakashima, Miu Sakamoto, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Kana Hanazawa, Kana Nishino, LiSA, Sachi Tainaka, Shiina Ringo, SCANDAL, SPEED, KAT-TUN, DAISHI DANCE, EXILE, Fukuyama Masaharu, Gackt, Hideki Tokunaga, Kobukuro, Nakata Yasutaka, Oda Kazumasa, Orange Range, Olivia Ong, Corrinne May, Cheer Chen, Valen Hsu. Basically 90% of my own library are comprised of Asian/Japanese music mostly.

Interests (non-headphone)

Airi Matsui (Popular model/actress in Japan. Currently active as weather announcer for NTV's Going! Sports & News and house model for 'Ray' fashion magazine)
Rei Okamoto (Popular actress/model in Japan)
Tomomi Itano (Popular solo singer/actress and ex-AKB48 member. Also known as Samantha Thavasa official spokesperson and CM model in Japan)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Popular solo singer/model/fashion blogger in Japan)
AKB48 (Currently obsessed oshimen members are Rie Kitahara/Kodama Haruka)
NMB48 (Currently obsessed oshimen members are Sayaka Yamamoto/Shibuya Nagisa)
Anything produced by Yoshida Porter/Head Porter (been using their bags since 2008, excellent MIJ stuffs)
Anything produced by Yohji Yamamoto aka Y-3
Anything produced by Neighborhood
Anything produced by Hysteric Glamour
Anything produced by mastermind Japan
Anything produced by BEAMS
Anything related to Japanese Culture (Kansai-ben Daisuki!)
Anything related to Japanese Cuisine (absolutely adore Nabe Sukiyaki, Sushi, Ramen, Chuka Soba/Udon, Tsukemen whichever you name it)
Anything related to IT, Computers (love checking out all kinds of new and latest gadgets, recently into Smartwatches)
Anything related to Photography (my recent obsessions lately are all about Mirrorless ILCs & vintage legacy RF lenses)
Anything related to Astrology & Horoscopes (I'm a Virgo perfectionist!! XD )
Books written by Haruki Murakami
Mangas illustrated by Masamune Shirow/Osamu Tezuka
Films & J-dramas written and directed by Yuji Sakamoto/Takashi Miike/Keishi Otomo/Kazuki Kaneshiro/Christopher Nolan

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Mirrorless Cameras-fi
Sony Playstation 3 METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE Zandatsu Package
Sony Alpha α6000
Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS
Sony Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS
Zeiss Touit E-mount 32mm F1.8 by Carl Zeiss
Sharp AQUOS Pad SH-08E
Sharp LYNX SH-10B
NEC Medias W N-05E
NEC Casio CA-01C

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