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Aka: thegardener & ScooterBilly
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writing positive reviews of products he was reselling.

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About Me:

I am a 17 year old high school student and a competitive swimmer!

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Swimming, Table Tennis, Music, Technology, PURE BANTER!!!

What I do for a living:

Student, Swim Teacher


Headphone Inventory

Currently Owned

Sennheiser CX-299
Fischer Audio DBA-02
Ultimate Ears Super Fi 3 Studio
Aurisonics ASG-1
Monoprice 8320
Meelectronics M31p
Etymotic HF5
Phonak Audeo 012
Audiofly AF78
Sony MDR-EX1000
FAD Adagio V
Heir Audio 4.Ai
Nocs NS800
Cosmic Ears HY3
Cosmic Ear Single BA Special Edition
Accutone Taurus
Accutone Picses Digital
Fischer Audio Silver Bullet
Fischer Audio Enigma
Fischer Audio 912
Fischer Audio 968
Fischer Audio 510
Fischer Audio 555
Fischer Audio 560
Fischer Audio 565
Lear LCM-5
Sony MH1c
Telefunken TH-140
Cosmic Ears MA2
Sonocore Chrome
HiFiMAN RE-400
Audio Technica CKW1000ANV
Blox ANV3 Earbuds
MyST Nail 2 V2
Sunrise Audio Charm 3 Earbuds
Sunrise Audio Dragon 2 Earbuds
Hippo ProONE
Final Audio Design Heaven VI
Sunrise Feeling Earbuds


Superlux HD681
Sennheiser HD 440 II
Sennheiser HD580 (w/ Sennheiser HD650 Cable & Sennheiser HD600 Grilles)
Fischer Audio Draco Orange
Fischer Audio Wicked Queen Yellow
AiAiAi Capital
Brainwavs HM5
Ultimate Ears UE9000
Fischer Audio FA 005
Fischer Audio 580
Sennheiser Momentum
Perfect Sound DiDo D901b
HiFiMAN HE-500
Denon AH-D2000 Stock

Auditioned at Length

Sennheiser IE8
Sennheiser HD650
UE Triple Fi 10
VSonic GR06
Vsonic GR07
Grado GR8
Westone UM2
Phonak PFE 232
HIFIman RE-262

I had Polar Audio (UKs Beyerdynamic Distributors) and they bought the following for me to extensively listen too:

DT880 32ohm
DT990 250ohm
DTX 501p

I also have tried a lot of the best headphones in the world in extreme set ups at the UK head fi meet 2012 including the likes of the Stax SR009, Fostex TH900 and Audeze LCD-2 just to name a few.


Beats by Dre Solo HD
Beats by Dre iBeats
Shure SE420
Beats by Dre Pro
HiSoundAudio Crystal
Etymotic HF2
Thinksound ms01
Redgiant A03
Sony XBA-2
Sennheiser HD 25 SP
Ultimate Ears 700
Able Planet SI1050A
Hippo VB
Brainwavs M2
Yamaha EPH-50
Shure SE530
Fischer Audio Draco White
Fischer Audio Wicked Queen White
Fischer Audio Tandem
Rock-IT R-50
Ortofon EQ-5
Dunu DN-17
Dunu DN-18
FAD Heaven IV
V-Moda M-80
FAD Adagio III
ViSang VS-K1
Beyerdynamic XP2
Dunu DN-19
Fischer Audio FA-004
Denon D2000 (Lawton Mod and Recabled with Toxic Cable)
Rock-IT R-Shield
AiAiAi TMA-1
Beyerdynamic XP1
Beyerdynamic XP3

Headphone Amp Inventory


Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2
Hippo CriCri
Audioengine D1
GoVibe Mini Box
Hippo CriCri +
MiuAudio MRB DIY x2
Fiio E17
Digizoid Zo
Otomasu AMP-X Diy (Gain 11x)
GoVibe VestAmp+
Tube Amp BL-2
xDuuo XP-1
Firestone Audio Fireye Mini x2 (1x Faulty)
Firestone Audio Fireye HD
Lear FSM-02 V2
Firestone Audio Fireye HA
Rhapsodio Z2 BTL Balanced Amp
Sunrise Dolphin
Sunrise Ray
Audinst HUD-MX2


JDSlabs cMoy BB

Source Inventory

iPhone 4 32gb
iPod Touch 8gb
Cowon J3
iPod Nano 3G 8gb
Terra Player (Sent Back to its Home)
Hippo Biscuit
iPod Classic 120gb
MyST PortaDAC 1866
HiSoundAudio Nova N1
Rein Audio X3-DAC
iRiver AK100
Marantz CD94

Cable Inventory

Monster Beats Cable
Fiio L3 LOD
Cambridge Audio Atlantic
Crossroads ED1 LOD
Low Profile LOD
DIY Toxic Cable IEM Cable
Effect Audio IEM Cable Range
Rhapsodio Cable

Epiphany Acoustics Atratus RCA Interconnect
chris_himself Silver Ray IEM Cable
Jaben ES8 Cable

Other Audio Equipment

Tannoy Revolution R2 Speakers
Jabra SoleMate Bluetooth Speaker

Music Preferences

Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Blues, Alternative, Punk, Indie

Interests (non-headphone)

Swimming, Sports

Swimsonny's Recent Activity

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