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Laguna Beach

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About Me:

I like all forms of high end audio. Home/car/DJ/portable/ headphones

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

grand touring cars
ocean catamarans
wood turtles turtles

What I do for a living:

high altitude wind power design.

Headphone Inventory

Ha! almost nothing. I tend to sell what I don't use.
I have had:
Sennheiser HD600, HD650,
Koss Porta pro
Denon ???
AKG 240 (yuck)
Ultrasone edition 9's with APS v3 recable (colored but with a good sound stage and great bass output)

I have listened to a ton of headphones... most leave me uninterested. I liked the Stax Omega a lot. I Also like the HD800's and HD600 with recable.

Headphone Amp Inventory

TTVJ Millet hybrid portable tube amplifier.

Source Inventory

Lynx studios Hilo (great HF soundstage-recessed vocals)
Wadia 121 (glare glare glare)
Wadia 171
Arcam rDAC (uggh!)
Meridian Explorer (good for the $$)

Denon Cd player DCD-1800 (1983)

Tandberg 3014a (best cassette tape deck ever)
Nakamichi BX-303

Mitsubishi LT-30 linear tracking turntable
Goldmund Studio with T3f arm
Dual turntable

(4) Bryston 4b
Mitsubishi DA-R20 (pretty looking but it was junk)
Tandberg 3012
Quicksilver V4
Marantz receiver 2270 (I miss that, might buy it again for nostalgia)

Apt Holman
Stanton VRM-10 (DJ mixer tube)

Dynavector Ruby
monster cable Alpha 2 (suprisingly good)
Koetsu Rosewood signature
Koetsu Black
Stanton 680EL (Dj)

Audio Logic 3 way (junk) I was a stupid kid.
AR powered partners (pretty good)
infinity RSM monitors 1980's (crap)
Pyramid Metronome 3 (by Dick Sequerra- very good)
Quad ESL -63 (Great midrange and depth)
Infinity Reference Standard RS1'a (excellent)
Entec SW-1 subwoofers (best I have heard)
Magneplanar Tympani 1D
Pro-Ac Response 1SC (nice if set up well with ARC VT100MKII)
Splendor 3/5
Audioengine A2 and A5 (both real disappointments)
Apogee Centurions (two way ribbon monitors)
Totem model 1 (only good for female vocals)
Magneplanar MC!
REL R-328 subwoofer (ehh)
Rel Storm subwoofer (mistake)

Wadia 860x with Great Northern Sound Statement level upgrade (still 20 years later one ofhte most accurate I have ever heard)
MSB Analog DAC with Analog DAC POWER BASE, UMT+ Transport with DUAL Power Supply BASE
Hegel HD2 and Hegel HD25

Turntable: for DJ Technics 1200 MKII
Technics dz1200 (2) modified

In car:
Nakamichi TP-1200 MKII special shop remote pre-amp tuner
Apogee Mini DAC with firewire- Now HEGEL HD2 and HD25
McInotsh MEN 456 5 way 4 channel electronic crossover
(3) MEQ 452 parametric Equalizers 4 channel 6 band
MEQ 450 parametric Equalizers 4 channel 3 band
MEN 455 5 way 4 channel electronic crossover
(3) MEC 459 Parametric corssover eq controllers
MEC 456 EQ controller
McIntosh in dash car meters MPM 4000
Ipad Air 128GB
(2) McIntosh MC4000M 1000 watt 6 channel amps
(2) McIntosh MCC80 2 x 40 watt amps
Scan Speak 12M Revelator midrange
1.5 inch dome tweeters
4 6.5" midbasses in doors
1994 E500 Mercedes upgraded alternator and 2 batteries.
Nakamichi Music Bank CNC 2000
Nakamichi Music bank MB-9
Analysis plus 12 guage speaker wire.
Special AMP connectors make 64 connections at once. Amps come out for Djing on snow, boats ski houses etc...
I don't play it very loud.... but it can play extremely loud and clean. I feel foolish showing it to people as it is embarrassing. I think people think I am insane....until they hear it. heh heh.

Home Amplifiers:
Audio Research VS 100 with Great Northern Sound modifications
on order:
VAC PHI 200 (2)

Chapman T-7 with "Double walled refraction cabinets)
Chapman T-8
Chapman T-9MKII
Magneplanar Tympani IV-a
Magneplanar Tympani 1D
Infinity Reference Standard RS1-b
Entec SW-1 (2)
Genelec s30D (digital studio powered ribbon monitors - for DJ monitors)

Cable Inventory

MIT Oracle SHD 220 bi wire
MIT MA-X SHD (interconnect)
MIT USB cable
MIT music hose (old stuff)
Monstercable Alpha 2
AudioQuest Lapis (oldie but a goodie)
DH labs Q-10 (for demo speakers)
DH Labs Revelation (for demo speakers)
Nordost Red Dawn
Nordost Blue Heaven Coaxial digital cable
Nordost White Lighting speaker cable (for portable systems)

In car:
DH labs
Analysis Plus 12 gauge oval

Headphones Ultrasone edition 9: APS V3

Power-Related Components

MIT Z Duplex Super
MIT Z Powerbar

DH Labs Red Wave power cables on Genelec s30D speakers which transformed them into a world class speaker...amazing... but it seems to be component specific.

Other Audio Equipment

Ean Golden arcade edition Vestax VCI-100 (everyone should own one....REALLLY! )

Audio-Related Tweaks

Audio Magic fuses, Cryroing some cables, using

Music Preferences

Anything but country... just never properly introduced yet.

Interests (non-headphone)

Fly Boarding, snowboarding (google Gilmour Doppler), Skateboarding (I was a world champion), turtle training (it is a slow process), High altitude wind power deign.

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

My custom Electric skateboard , Draco flashlight, Al-mar knives,

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