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McAllen, Tx.

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long walks on the beach...Ha!:-P

Headphone Inventory

Current iems:
Audio Technica Ck10
UM Miracle
Akg K3003i
Jh13 Pro

Sennheiser ie800 (sold)
Etymotic ER4p (sold)
Sony MDR EX-1000 (sold)
Sennheiser ie80 w/ piccolino hybrid cable (sold)
Sennheiser ie8 (sold)
Earsonics Sm3 V2 (sold)
FitEar ToGo! 334 (sold/traded)
Earsonics Sm64(sold)
Westone UM3X RC (sold)
Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Custom (sold)
Grado GR8 (sold)
Sony MH1C (use once and destroy:) gifted
Shure SE530PTH (sold)
Monster Gratitude (sold)
Westone 4 (sold)
Monster Miles Davis Tributes (sold)
Audeo Phonak Perfect Fit 112 (sold)
Westone UM3X (traded)
Audio-Technica ath-ckm500 (sold)
vSonic GR07 (sold)
Monster Turbine Pro Copper (sold)
Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 (sold)
Thinksound ts02 (sold)
Westone UM2 (sold)
Brainwavz M2 (sold)
Hisoundaudio Popo (sold)
Hisoundaudio Live Earbuds (sold)
Ultimate Ears super.fi 3 Studio (sold)
Westone Um2
Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 (sold)
Bose Mobile In-Ear Headphones (destroyed)

Current Cans:
Grado Sr325
Mad Dogs 3.2
Koss PortaPro

Grado Rs1i (sold)
Grado Rs2 (sold)
Grado Rs1 Vintage (sold)
Grado Sr60 (sold)
Grado Sr125 (non-i) (sold)
Sennheiser HD580 with HD650 Drivers >:) (sold)
Grado Ps500 (sold)
Grado Rs1i (sold)
V5 Magnum Woodies (sold)
Alessandro MS-1 (sold)
Audez'e LCD 2 Rev.2 (sold)
Beyerdynamic DT880 32ohm Premium (sold)
Sennheiser HD650 (sold)
Grado Sr225i
Denon D2000 recabled and MarkL Modded (sold)
AKG Q701 Black (sold)
Shure SRH940 (sold)
Sennheiser HD25 1-ii (sold)
Ultrasone HFI-2400 (sold)
Yamaha HPH-200 (sold)
Shure SRH940 (sold)
Sennheiser HD598 (sold)
Technical Pro HPT990 (sold)
Samson SR850 (sold)
Sennheiser HD428 (sold)
Beyerdynamic T50p (sold)
Sennheiser HD650 (sold)
Sennheiser HD600 (sold)
Beyerdynamic DT1350 (traded)
Denon AHD1001 (sold)
Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 80 (sold)
Beyerdynamic DT770 Premium 250ohm (sold)
Audio Technica M50 (sold)
Grado Sr125 (sold)
Grado Sr225i (sold)
AKG 240 Studio (sold)
Denon AHD2000 (traded)
Sennheiser HD448 (sold)
Bose Mobile On-Ear Headset (sold)

Headphone Amp Inventory

Little Dot I+
Meier Audio Quickstep
HisoundAudio Studio 3rd Anniversary

Hisound Studio V (sold)
HeadAmp Pico Slim RED (sold)
JDS Labs Objective2 (sold)
Head Amp pico slim (sold)
ibasso D42 (sold)
Musical Fidelity X-Cans (sold)
RSA Predator (sold)
Matrix Quattro (sold)
Matrix M stage (sold)
Fiio e11(sold)
Fiio e6 (sold)
Fiio e5 x3 (sold/gifted)
Pyle PHE7AB (sold)
Fiio e9 (sold)
Fiio e7 x2 (sold)
Alo Rx (sold)
electric avenues pa2v2 (sold)

Source Inventory

Rocoo Ba
Audioengine D3
Samsung S4
HisoundAudio 3rd Anniversary Studio
ipod photo 4th gen
Sansa e260 (abandoned in a drawer)yeah it sucks

Hisound Studio V (traded)
CEntrance HiFi-M8 LX (sold)
RWA ipod photo 4th Gen 60gb imod (sold)
RSA Predator (sold)
Samsung Vibrant w/ Voodoo Controls
JDS Labs ODAC (sold)
Stoner Acoustics UD110 (sold)
Rocoo BA (sold)
CEntrance Dacport (sold)
Matrix Mini-i Dac (sold)
HRT Music Streamer II (sold)
Rocoo P (sold)
Audinst HUD-MX1 (sold)
RWA imod 240gb Rockboxed (sold)
ipod Classic 7th gen 160gb (sold)
ipod video 5.5g 80gb (sold)
Pyle PHE7AB (sold)
Rocco BA (sold)
Zune 120gb (sold)
Sansa Fuze 8gb (sold)
Fiio E7 (sold)
Rocoo P (sold)
ipod Classic 7th gen 160gb (sold)
Ipod Touch 32gb 4th gen. (sold)
ipod video 5th gen 60gb (sold)
Ipod Video 5.5 30gb (sold)

Cable Inventory

Time Warner
Whiplash Twag v2
FitEar's Horribly Stiff 000
ALO Audio Jumbo Cryo Silver X iMod LOD
Whiplash elite low profile LOD's
Monoprice >:-)

Other Audio Equipment

lower intestine

Audio-Related Tweaks


Music Preferences

Everything but Beyonce (most annoying music in history, seriously)

Interests (non-headphone)

my beautiful little Family :-D

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Honda Element and my trusty toe nail clippers!

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Fiio X5
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ibasso D42
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JH13 Pro
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Grado PS500
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