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Co-Organizer for Can Jam '09
Member of the Trade: Paradox


Sunny Southern California

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on 7/1/15

About Me:

Positive, 31 yr old single guy constantly amazed by the nature of nature.

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Work. Music. Work. Music. Work. Astronomy. Work. Work. Work. More work. Music. Sleep.

What I do for a living:

Mastering & Sound Restoration Engineer
Binaural Recording Engineer

Headphone Inventory

Paradox Headphones (modified T50RP)
Frogbeats C4
Mycroft Nail 2
Fischer Audio DBA-02
Fischer Audio FA-002W-OW
Fischer Audio FA-003
Senn HD-600
V-Moda M80
UE Super.Fi
UE Super.Fi EB
UE Metro-Fi
and many, many more!

Past Owned:
Sony CD3000
Senn HD-650
Woody HF-1's
Westone 3 (lost) :(
Grado HF-1 #69
Grado PS-1000 (PS-1 Housing with HP-2 drivers)
Grado HP-2
Grado RS-1
Shure E-500/E-530
and many more....

Headphone Amp Inventory

Custom 50watt (85w peak) per channel balanced headphone amp/DAC :-D
Joe Audiophile Prototype Balanced Amp :-D
DIY NwAvGuy Objective 2
DIY modified CTH with pimped out specs
MisterRogers DIY CTH with Dario Miniwatt tube
Fischer Audio Mystify PortAmp & PortaDAC
E-MU 0404 USB

Past Owned:
Joe Grado HPA-1
Heed CanAmp

Source Inventory

FLAC --> Twisted Pear Audio Buffalo III (Sabre ESS9018) DAC, with dedicated trident shunts on VD, AVCC, DVCC and VDD pins (Sabre analog and digital pins), with an NTD1 IV (Pass BI buffer, tuned for current mode DAC's), with an async USB receiver support > 384mhz PCM/I2S & DSD, I2S is routed through Ian's FIFO reclocker, which separates the data from clock, then reclocks to the optimum frequency for the selected I2S/DSD. The FIFO utilizes an Isolator board that isolates out ALL USB/power noise. Further, the clock board is a precision Si570 dynamic crystal that is spun up to 4x the optimum clock frequency to further reduce jitter down to < 3pps. This clock board is powered separately from a dedicated low noise reg, and leveled by a custom ultra low noise, high PSRR LDO. Singled ended output is provided by a Joe Audio high precision Balanced to SE converter. Last upgrade will be a custom battery pack to power the clock board along with custom shunts. --> Custom Made Cavalli Stacker (Tube) or Custom 50watt (85w peak) per channel balanced headphone amp (SS) ---> Custom Paradox with mini-xlr mod with OGC Imperial Cable.

Travel Rig (Home & Office)
FLAC/Hi-Res -> Custom Amp/DAC -> Paradox

Super Mini Personal Travel Rig
Clip+ Rockbox -> Frogbeats C4

Super Mini Sharable Travel Rig:
Clip+ Rockbox -> Nail 2

Regular Portable:
DIY iMod SSD iPod -> Objective2 -> DBA-02

Thorens TD-124 with SME III and Shure V-15
Technics SL-1200 with stock arm and AT440MLa
Denon DCD 1560 CD Player
McIntosh C-32 Preamp
Adcom GFA-555 Amp
4 JBL 4311 Monitors
Mackie HR824 Monitors
EMU 0404 USB

HiFiman HM-601
Fischer Audio PortAmp & PortaDAC
Fischer Audio Mini to Mini
UE Mini to Mini

Past Owned:
Thorens TD-124 with Grado Arm and Stanton Cart (sigh)

Cable Inventory

OGC Paradox Cables
OGC Adaptors
OGC Cables
Q-Audio Cable for my HE-5 (Steve Eddy)
V-Moda Audio Only Cable for my Basic Paradox T50RP.

Various other Rat Shack, Homebrew and Monster Cables.

Power-Related Components

Joe Audiophile Power Conditioner

Other Audio Equipment

A ton of music - most of it custom remastered. :-)
Various studios..lol

Audio-Related Tweaks

Many but my favorite is a parametric EQ. :-)

Music Preferences

Everything except mexican mariachi music and banda.

Interests (non-headphone)

Mastering, Remastering and Sound Restoration. Astronomy. Photography.

If you want a Paradox, please contact me. :-)

If you would like me to master, remaster or restore something for you at an affordable rate - just PM me.

Also, if you would like me to transfer some LP's for you - just PM me.

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

My Vintage Razors
My Watches
My Fountain Pens

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